3 Ways to Recover Your SecuriCode™ System’s Default Factory Code

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 6:37 pm
Ford Keyless Entry keypad

How to Recover Lost Ford Keyless Entry System Factory Code

For Ford owners with the SecuriCode™ keyless entry system, the factory default code is an essential part of adding and reprogramming personal entry codes. But where do you turn when you misplace that vital code? Here’s a few places you can go to recover your lost Ford keyless entry system factory code and regain control of your SecuriCode™ keypad!

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Ford owner's wallet cardOwner’s Manual

To start, scan your owner’s manual and owner’s wallet card for the printed five-digit factory default code. This is the easiest way to track down your factory code, but there are still other options if your manual has been misplaced.

Remote Anti-theft Personality Module

If the owner’s manual is lost, your vehicle’s default factory code can also be found on the label of the Remote Anti-Theft Personality (RAP) module. The RAP is generally hidden beneath a removable panel found toward the back of your vehicle. Remove the panel with a screwdriver and locate the printed 5-digit factory code.

Call Your Ford Dealer

If all else fails, reach out to your local Ford dealer for assistance. Your Ford mechanic will be able to retrieve your factory default code using your VIN number or hook your vehicle up to a computer and manually reset your SecuriCode™ keyless entry system.

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How to Reprogram Your SecuriCode™ Keyless Entry Code

Once you’ve recovered your vehicle’s factory-set key code, you can follow these steps to program/reprogram your own personal codes. You can save up to 5 personal keyless entry codes at a time.

Step 1: Enter your vehicle’s factory-set code.

Step 2: Press 1•2

Step 3: Enter your desired personal 5-digit code.

Step 4: Choose one of the following five slots to save your new personal entry code.

  • Press 1•2 to save as personal code 1
  • Press 3•4 to save as personal code 2
  • Press 5•6 to save as personal code 3
  • Press 7•8 to save as personal code 4
  • Press 9•0 to save as personal code 5

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