Guide to Using Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

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Ford Focus on road with Adaptive Cruise Control graphic

How to Use Ford Adaptive Cruise Control

Available on nearly all current Ford vehicles, Adaptive Cruise Control makes everyday driving easier by eliminating the need to constantly readjust cruise control speed. The intuitive system automatically adjusts speed to maintain a set distance from slower-moving vehicles ahead. Once traffic speeds up, the system operates like normal cruise control, returning to your designated speed. Learn how to use the Ford Adaptive Cruise Control system when we cover setting cruise speed, adjusting gap distance and more in this feature guide!

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Ford Adaptive Cruise Control steering wheel controls

Setting Cruise Speed

Step 1: Press the “On” button on the cruise control switch to enable Adaptive Cruise Control.

Note: Once enabled, a green cruise control icon will display in the vehicle’s information display.

Step 2: Accelerate to you desired speed.

Step 3: Press the “Set” button on the cruise control switch.

Step 4: Remove your foot from the accelerator.

Adjusting Gap Distance

Ford vehicle adaptive cruise control set distance icon

To adjust your vehicle’s set following gap distance, press the up and down arrows on your steering wheel cruise control switch.

Use the short, solid arrow above to decrease following distance. Use the longer arrow below to increase following distance.

Note: Your vehicle’s gap distance setting is indicated by an icon in the information display. The system offers four gap distance settings to choose from. One bar indicates the shortest following distance available, while four bars indicates the longest.

Note: Adaptive Cruise Control can be Cancel at any time by hitting the brake or pressing the cancel button on the steering wheel. Pressing the Resume button will then return the vehicle to its previously set speed and gap settings.

Switching between Normal and Adaptive Cruise Control

Step 1: Use the arrow pad on your steering wheel to select “Driver Assist” on your vehicle’s information display.

Step 2: Select “Cruise Control”.

Step 3: Select “Adaptive” to enable Adaptive Cruise Control or “Normal” to return to conventional cruise control.

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    Sirs this is an informative article but doesn’t address the problem with an F250 super duty since the steering wheel controls are not the same as with passenger cars! The truck only has set + or -, RES, CANCL, ON, OFF no other buttons are available!

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