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Hybrid drivetrains were a niche technology at first, but now companies like Ford are starting to see all the benefits that hybrid power provides. In fact, hybrid technology is already being employed in supercars, which sees two engine types working alongside each other to make up for each engine’s shortcomings. Because of this, Ford has decided to push hybrid technology further than ever before by offering it in an upcoming Ford Mustang, and even a future Ford F-150. The future Ford F-150 Hybrid is going to be available by 2020, and you can rest assured knowing Akins Ford near Atlanta, Georgia, will be one of the first to have it.

That’s because we love our Ford F-150 trucks here at Akins Ford, and are proud to offer all the latest new F-150 trims. If you want to learn more about the future F-150 Hybrid, we have all the available details below. But if you need your new Ford F-150 fix right now, you can browse through our entire inventory with this link.

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Performance Technology Safety
EcoBoost Engine/Electric Motor Combo First-Ever F-150 Hybrid Drivetrain Advanced New Towing Safety Features
Increased Torque & Horsepower Enhanced Driving Range Advaced New Hauling Safety Features
Increased Towing & Hauling Onboard Generator Advanced New Driver Assistance Features
Most Efficient F-150 Ever Array of Advanced New Technology Features Improved Airbag System

Explaining Ford’s Electrified Vehicle Lineup of the Future

Ford is making a serious commitment to both hybrid and electric vehicle technology. Anyone leery about the future Ford F-150 Hybrid should know future F-150 trucks will still be offered with a variety of powertrains, including gas and diesel engines. But for those looking forward to the upcoming Ford hybrid and electric vehicle offerings, here are several facts about Ford’s plans:

• Ford has sold 520,000 electrified vehicles in North America since 2005

• Ford plans to have thousands of charging locations available by 2020

• 87% of plug-in hybrid owners desire another plug-in hybrid as their next vehicle

• The electrification of the Ford lineup will add at least 700 U.S. jobs and safeguard 3,500 more

• Ford is planning on introducing 13 new global electrified vehicles in the next five years

Ford may not yet have plans for a fully electric F-150, but with the benefits that a hybrid drivetrain promises to offer, the future Ford F-150 Hybrid will continue to set the pace for what a truck can be and should be in America. If you have any questions about the current F-150 lineup or future vehicles, feel free to reach out our Akins Ford staff near Atlanta, GA.

Future Ford F-150 Hybrid front exterior
Future Ford F-150 Hybrid front side exterior
Future Ford F-150 Hybrid rear side exterior
Future Ford F-150 Hybrid rear side top-down exterior

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