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What Are Some Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day from Quarantine?

Safe and Affordable Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 in Atlanta, GA 

Mask up, Cupid! Valentine’s Day is about showing your appreciation for that special someone in your life, and nowadays nothing says I love you as much as a safe, thoughtfully coordinated holiday plan. Here are just a few affordable quarantine-certified ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021 with your sweetheart in Atlanta, GA while supporting local businesses and organizations. 

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Electric Vehicle Incentives in Georgia

Georgia EV & Hybrid Tax Credits & Rebates 

With the recent surge of stylish and riveting electric-powered vehicles on the road nowadays, there are plenty of reasons to invest in an electric vehicle. You can add possible tax credit and rebates to that list. In this article, we explore some of the cash-saving incentives available to Georgia residents who purchase a new electric or hybrid vehicle. 

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Where Can I Find Custom Car Stereo Installation in Atlanta?

Audio System Services at Wild Willies Custom Accessories

Truck people love their audio systems. We all already know that. What you might not know is that there’s a service center by truck people, for truck people that’s ready to assist motorheads in the Atlanta area. When it comes to finding a provider for custom car stereo installation in Atlanta, Wild Willies is your trusted hub for the works.

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All-New 2021 Ford F-150 Arrives in Atlanta

As the first breath of winter sends a wave of chilled air and twinkling lights across the Southeast, models from the 2021 Ford F-150 lineup have begun rolling into the Akins Ford showroom. That’s right—the newest generation of America’s best-selling truck has arrived in Atlanta, and it’s rich in class-leading accolades that buyers will enjoy.

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3 Tricks Car Thieves Don’t Want You to Know

Tips to Help Prevent Car Theft in Atlanta

In the United States alone, it’s estimated that a car is stolen every 43 seconds. Over the course of a year that ever-growing count reaches close to a million cases of car theft nationwide. This year Atlanta has seen a substantial increase in stolen cars, prompting citizens and guests to take special precautions. Here are our top three most important tips to follow to make sure you’re not the next victim in line. 

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Winter 2020 Holiday Light Displays in the Atlanta Area

Where Can You Go to See Holiday Lights in Metro Atlanta?

Winter is here in Atlanta, and across the nation people are stringing holiday lights through tree branches and building elaborate holiday displays for their communities. This season will be different in a lot of ways, but most holiday light displays offer a way to feel the warmth of the holidays in a safe and socially-distanced environment. Check out our list of holiday light displays available in the Atlanta area for the winter of 2020.

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Atlanta Restaurants & Grocery Stores Open on Thanksgiving 2020

What Atlanta Businesses Will Remain Open this Thanksgiving? 

With Thanksgiving season finally upon us, we’re reminded of all we still have to be thankful for despite the whirlwind of emotions that 2020 has sprung onto us. Whether you’re looking forward to a homemade Thanksgiving feast or just planning on taking it easy this year with a turkey dinner to-go, plenty of Atlanta businesses are keeping their doors open to customers on Thanksgiving Day. You can find what Atlanta community restaurants and grocery stores will remain open for Thanksgiving 2020 here.

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Halloween 2020 Virtual Events, Haunted Houses & Parades in Atlanta, GA

Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween 2020 from Home in Metro Atlanta

In a year that’s been plenty scary already, many Atlanta community members are planning to play it safe this season. The CDC has warned against traditional trick-or-treating, haunted houses, and other close-contact Halloween events this year, but there are other ways you can reconnect with some of the holiday pastimes you love without compromising the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. Check out some recommendations in our list of Halloween 2020 virtual events, haunted houses, and parades in Atlanta, GA.

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Where Can I Find Charging Stations around Atlanta, GA?

Metro Atlanta Hybrid & EV Charging Station Locations

You can own a plug-in hybrid vehicle pretty much anywhere in the U.S., but some cities make it easier to get around on electric energy. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Atlanta area drivers are hopping on the lighning bandwagon. In 2016, Atlanta was ranked among the top ten cities most adapted to electric vehicles. Interested in where you can find charging stations around Atlanta, GA? Keep reading to find areas nearby where you can plug in and set out.

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Fall 2020 Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes near Atlanta

Outdoor Fall Activities Around Shelby County

As the fall season washes over the Atlanta area this year, local pumpkin patches and corn mazes offer a safe way to get some fresh air, social distance, and celebrate the fall season simultaneously. Discover where you can get our a pick the perfect gourd in your area with our look at our list of fall 2020 pumpkin patches & corn mazes near Atlanta, GA!

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