Ford Ranger United States return date

The Ford Ranger will be returning to the United States

Ford Ranger United States return date

Ford Ranger fans have just been given some reason to celebrate. The classic midsize truck will be returning to the US and Canada. The Ford Ranger United States return date is currently set for the 2019 model year, though details on the new truck remain sparse.

Ford ceased production of the Ranger in the United States and Canada after the 2012 model year. Production of the truck has continued on the international market, with the current generation of Ranger models being designed and engineered by Ford Australia. It is unknown whether the 2019 Ranger will be imported from the foreign markets, or completely redesigned and produced in the United States.Ford Ranger interantional model

Ford Ranger Engine Options

The current model of international Ranger can be equipped with three different engines, but there is no definitive information on whether any of these engines will carry over to the American model. One worth watching is a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel engine that is able to earn an estimated 30 miles per gallon highway. These fuel economy numbers would be very competitive within the midsize truck class. Expecting some sort of EcoBoost engine would also be a sure bet. Ford has not been shy about including these engines on almost every vehicle in the manufacturer’s lineup.

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New Ranger Size and Platform

If the new Ranger shares the same platform as the current international model, the truck will be slightly smaller than the current Ford F-150. The crew cab on the existing Ranger is currently longer than the crew cab F-150, despite the truck’s smaller size.

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