Ford creates 650 jobs in US production plants

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How much has Ford invested in American factories?

How much has Ford invested in American factories?

As many auto manufacturers send more and more jobs to foreign countries, Ford is doing the exact opposite, investing significant capital into production plants here in the United States. How much has Ford invested in American factories? Well, the number just got significantly larger.

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Ford just announced that it will be investing $1.6 billion in two United States production plants. As a result of this investment, 650 hourly jobs will be created or retained. As impressive as this number is, it’s just the start. Ford will be investing a total of $9 billion dollars in its America production facilities over the next four years. When Ford is done, 8,500 hourly jobs will be created or retained right here in the United States. This investment plan was a result of a 2015 agreement between Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers Union.

“We are committed to manufacturing in the United States, as we have been for more than 100 years.” – Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, the Americas

Previous Ford US Investmentsford US production plants

This $1.6 billion investment is just the most recent in a long-term Ford plan for investment in American factories. $12 billion have been invested in Ford production plants during the past five years, creating almost 28,000 American jobs.

The impact of this most recent investment will mostly be felt at the Livonia Transmission Plant, which will be able to create or retain 500 hourly jobs. This plant will be of vital importance for future Ford production, serving as the production site for the new 10-speed transmission that will be used on all-new F-150 Raptor. The Ford Ohio Assembly plant will be the other location seeing significant job growth, creating or retaining 150 jobs. This Ohio location is where Ford will be building its Ford Super Duty chassis cab models.

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