2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Atlanta GA

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid Atlanta GA

Every year, many car companies invest in the latest in hybrid technology. Still, too often, opting for efficient driving with a hybrid or plug-in vehicle means making compromises on driving power and enthusiasm. Fortunately with the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid near Atlanta GA, drivers don't have to make those compromises. With a gasoline engine and electric motor working together to most efficiently tackle the roads, the C-Max is fun to drive as well as extremely fuel efficient. How efficient you ask? The 2015 C-Max can go 42 mpg in city driving and up to 37 mpg on the highway.

The 2016 Ford C-Max Hybrid powertrain features a 2.0-liter Atkinson-Cycle four-cylinder hybrid engine and an electric motor powered by a cutting edge lithium-ion battery pack. That motor draws energy from the battery pack, engine output and also from technology like regenerative braking. The energy from components is combined though an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission, which allows seamless transition from one power type to the other into the front-wheel drive. United, this powertrain is rated for 188 horsepower, and even in all-electric mode it is capable of hitting 85 mph.

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid green driving asisstance

Green With Technology

Just because a car runs on batteries, doesn't mean that it has achieved its top efficiency. The 2016 Ford C-Max manages that with features like regenerative braking (which recharges the battery though stopping) and the SmartGauge with EcoGuide information screen. Shown above, more leaves on the screen indicates more efficient driving.


2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid SYNC system

SYNC Infotainment

Available Ford SYNC technology on the 2015 Ford C-Max offers voice control technology, which means you can keep your hands safely on the wheel while on the road, and not lose out on connectivity or engagement. This system allows hands-free calling, control of some sound system functions, and offers standard 911 assistance in emergencies.


Interior space on the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid

Passenger Comfort

The 2015 Ford C-Max offers the top passenger volume among small hybrids with 99.7 cubic-feet of passenger space. That means more comfort and room for your passengers. There is also 24.5 cubic-feet of luggage space, which can expand dramatically (and to your exact specifications) with the 60/40 folding rear seat configuration.

2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid in silver
dashboard view of the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid
Red 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid
Seating comfort on the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid

Get the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid near Atlanta GA

While smooth handling, engaging driving, and impressive mileage numbers are certainly the top points to look at when considering a hybrid vehicle, the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid near Atlanta GA also offers solid standard features. Amenities like keyless entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, an adjustable driver's seat and steering wheel, automatic headlights, mirrors with an integrated blind spot, and cruise control mean that even the base model of the C-Max delivers on top driver and passenger comfort. Other elite features like satellite radio, a power liftgate, and rear parking sensors are available. Leather upholstery, keyless ignition, heated mirrors and front seats are standard on the SEL trim.

Each 2015 Ford C-Max is also outfitted with the best in interior materials and an engaging external style, matched to a quiet interior with plenty of passenger and cargo space. For more information on the 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid, or other green vehicles on the Akins Ford lot, contact a sales professional at 866-625-1965 or fill out the form on this page.

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