2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Kia Rio-Akins Ford
2016 Ford Fiesta 2016 Kia Rio
1.6-liter four-cylinder Base Engine 1.6-liter four-cylinder
3 Engine Options 1
31 city/43 highway Max Fuel Economy 28 city/ 37 highway
197 Max Horsepower 138

2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Kia Rio

Akins Ford-2016 Ford Fiesta models

Car manufacturers have been developing ways to get more and more power and performance out of smaller engines. The result has been an influx of small, fuel-efficient cars that still offer a great degree of sport. The 2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Kia Rio are two cars that well-illustrate this new degree of fun that has been added to the compact class.

Looking under the hoods of the two cars reveals some similarities, but also several distinct differences. The obvious similarity is that both compact offer 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines as standard equipment on the base trim level.

After the base engines, the similarities end. Ford offers two additional engine options, while the Kia Rio only offers the base four-cylinder. The first added option is an EcoBoost 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine. If fuel economy is a significant concern, this engine is the way to go offering an impressive 31 city/43 highway miles per gallon. The best fuel economy ratings for the Rio are an estimated 28 city/ 37 highway when using the base engine with an added stop-start feature.

If you’re looking to get even more performance out of your sporty compact, the Ford Fiesta offers a third engine option on the ST trim. This turbocharged four-cylinder produces 197 horsepower and 202 pound-feet of torque. This easily bests the only engine option available on the Rio, which offers 138 horsepower. Turbocharging a four-cylinder enables the Focus ST to maximize power and fuel economy, still earning a respectable 26 city/35 highway miles per gallon.

2016 Ford Fiesta Interior Features

Most compact cars come with a lower price tag, but the interior of the Ford Fiesta does not show this. The materials are good quality, ready to keep you comfortable. Metallic accents add to the interior appearance, and features like ambient lighting and heated leather seats are available.

On the roads, the Ford Fiesta perfectly embodies the new, sporty compact. This is a car that is not afraid to have fun. The turbocharged ST model also offers sport-tuned suspension that makes the car extremely fun to drive. Opting for the turbocharged three-cylinder engine will give you plenty of acceleration while turning in excellent fuel economy. The sheer variety offered on the 2016 Ford Focus sets it apart from the Rio. Very few cars can match the performance and fuel economy of the 2016 Ford Focus.

Akins Ford-2016 Ford Fiesta interior