2016 Ford Fusion vs 2016 Ford Focus
2016 Ford Fusion 2016 Ford Focus
$22,600 Base MSRP $17,225
231 hp (2.0-L I-4) Top Horsepower 159 hp (2.0-L I-4)
37 mpg Top Highway Mileage 42 mpg
Standard Cruise Control Available

2016 Ford Fusion vs 2016 Ford Focus

Steering wheel of the 2016 Ford Fusion

When looking for a new car, shoppers can be faced with many challenges choosing between trims, body styles, and even models. In this 2016 Ford Fusion vs 2016 Ford Focus comparison, it is easy to see that while the 2016 Ford Fusion offers many more features and amenities than the Focus, certain size, economy and body style considerations may sway the economy-minded buyer.

The 2016 Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan available in three trim levels (S, SE, and Titanium). Each model comes well-equipped and once you reach the Titanium trim the features are downright luxurious. However the price tag reflects that quality. The Fusion delivers on more features, but it also starts at about $5,000 more than the equivalent trim on the Focus. The 2016 Ford Focus on the other hand is a compact car available either as a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback. This vehicle also comes in S, SE or Titanium trim levels, but lowest trim size for the hatchback is the SE. Both vehicles seat five passengers and have 60/40 folding rear seats. The Fusion has about 12 more cubic feet of passenger space than the Focus, and almost three extra cubic feet in the trunk.

Superior power and features on the 2016 Ford Fusion

While the 2016 Fusion is clearly more spacious, it pays for it in fuel efficiency. Comparing sedan S trims of both vehicles, and their base engines, the Focus gets two more miles per gallon on the highway, and four more miles per galloon in city driving. However, when it comes to the powertrain, the 2016 Ford Fusion does have better horsepower and torque, which means more confident acceleration and staying power on the road.

When it comes to available features on the 2016 Ford Fusion vs 2016 Ford Focus, the Fusion also excels. Both vehicles have twelve-volt power outlets, but the Fusion has three to the Focus' one. When it comes to power accessories like windows, the Fusion also comes standard with powered windows in both the front and rear, while the Focus base trim only has a power driver window. Cruise control also comes standard in the Fusion, but is available in the Focus, and only the Fusion offers available adaptive cruise control. Looking at all these features, the spaciousness, and the power, the 2016 Ford Fusion is clearly a more impressive vehicle, but the lower price and fuel advantages of the Focus must be considered. Contact Akins Ford today at 866-625-1965 if you are interested in learning more about either of these vehicles.

Front view of the 2016 Ford Fusion