2017 Ford Mustang vs 2017 Toyota 86

Sports cars are becoming more and more practical as daily drivers. Many manufacturers are not offering affordable, fuel-efficient sports car models that are just as much fun driving to work every day as they are on the race track. Looking at the 2017 Ford Mustang vs the 2017 Toyota 86 will help car-shoppers decided between two popular sports cars in this class.

With sports cars like these, everything starts under the hood. This is where the Mustang takes an early lead. The Ford car is available with three different engines, while only one engine option is offered on the Toyota 86. Performance ratings the Mustang are able to best those on the 86. The maximum horsepower offered on the Mustang checks in at 435 horsepower, while the Toyota sports car only produces 205.

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2017 Ford Mustang VS 2017 Toyota 86
3 Engine Options 1
435 Max Horsepower 205
22 city/31 hwy mpg Best Fuel Economy 24 city/32 hwy mpg
$24,915 Starting MSRP $26,255

2017 Ford Mustang, 2017 Toyota 86 Practicality Comparison

Car manufacturers know that many times sports car models that they sell also need to serve as practical everyday cars. The 2017 Ford Mustang and 2017 Toyota 86 are both sports cars that fit into this category. So which one is more practical?

Practical fuel economy ratings are now something many car shoppers are looking for in a sports car. Both the Mustang and the 86 are able to deliver over 30 miles per gallon on the highways, with the Toyota taking a slight edge. However, these fuel economy ratings come with the Toyota 86’s base engine that only produces 205 horsepower. The best ratings available on the Mustang come with Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which also adds 310 horsepower in addition to earning fuel economy ratings estimated at 22 city/31 highway miles per gallon. Ford is able to easily best the power performance of the Toyota 86 while offering almost identical fuel economy ratings.

The 2017 Ford Mustang is also offered at a lower MSRP than the Toyota 86, making the car more affordable. Exact dealer pricing may vary based on trim level and added options.

In the fight between practical sports cars, very few vehicles can match the 2017 Ford Mustang. This sporty vehicle is affordable while offering impressive power, performance and fuel economy ratings.

2017 Ford Mustang side
2017 Ford Mustang grille
2017 Ford Mustang interior
2017 Ford Mustang front

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