2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Toyota Highlander

2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Toyota Highlander

Every year during the Ford Explorer’s current 25-year run as the best-selling SUV in the country, other automotive companies have tried to create something that will finally topple the SUV leader. And each and every year, they fail, with the 2018 model year being no different. That’s because the new Ford Explorer is more powerful, more capable, more functional, more efficient and more spacious than ever before.

Those are some pretty big and bold claims to make, but we’re more than ready to back them up with some hard evidence. In fact, we created this 2018 Ford Explorer versus 2018 Toyota Highlander head-to-head model comparison for that exact reason. Once you’ve finished looking everything over, you’ll see the 2018 Explorer is the only choice for anyone looking to purchase a new SUV. You’ll also see the new Explorer is primed and ready to extend its streak to 26 years – and beyond.

2018 Ford Explorer


2018 Toyota Highlander

3 Engine Options 2
365 HP & 350 lb-ft. Max Horsepower & Torque 295 HP & 263 lb-ft.
151.5 ft.3 Total Passenger Volume 144.9 ft.3
21.0 ft.3 Cargo Space (All Seats in Place) 13.8 ft.3

2018 Ford Explorer: More Engine Choices, More Power & Capability and More Passenger & Cargo Space than the 2018 Toyota Highlander

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Annie Get Your Gun,” then you know the old saying, “anything you can do, I can do better.” Well, there’s no better example of that than the 2018 Ford Explorer versus the 2018 Toyota Highlander. That’s because the new Ford Explorer does everything better than the new Toyota Highlander, and it all starts under the hood. The 2018 Explorer lineup lets you choose between three engines, while the 2018 Highlander lineup offers only two. The new Explorer is also far more powerful than the new Highlander, as you can see in the table above.

The 2018 Ford Explorer keeps its advantage over the 2018 Toyota Highlander as we move inside the two models. More specifically, the new Ford Explorer provides 151.1 cubic-feet of total passenger space and 21 cubic-feet of cargo capacity, whereas the new Toyota Highlander can provide only 144.9 cubic-feet of total passenger space and 13.8 cubic-feet of cargo capacity.

As you can see, thanks to its customization, power and interior space advantages, the 2018 Ford Explorer is the easy choice and clear winner. If you’d like more information on everything the new Ford Explorer lineup has to offer, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable Akins Ford staff near Atlanta, GA.

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