Ford Edge

While Ford isn’t the first to produce a vehicle in the midsize crossover segment, the Edge is one of the best. No matter where you are going or what you and your four passengers are doing, the Ford Edge can handle just about anything. It is ideal for small- to medium-sized families looking for a versatile, efficient SUV with just a splash of edge.

2019 Ford Edge ST
2018 Ford Edge
2018 Ford Edge SEL
2017 Ford Edge
2017 Ford Edge Titanium
2017 Ford Edge Sport
2017 Ford Edge Athens
2016 Ford Edge
2016 Ford Edge Titanium
2015 Ford Edge

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has been around for more than 10 years and has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. The Escape is one of America’s best-selling small crossover SUVs because it perfectly combines easy handling, a spacious cabin and available features that make the vehicle not only practical for everyday life but also fun to drive.

2018 Ford Escape
2017 Ford Escape
2017 Ford Escape Athens
2017 Ford Escape SE
2017 Ford Escape S
2017 Ford Escape Titanium
2016 Ford Escape
2015 Ford Escape

Ford Expedition

Being a vehicle the size of the Expedition can sometimes make it difficult to squeeze into small spots, but that’s about the only thing the Expedition isn’t good at. The full-size SUV is based on the popular F150 platform, which should tell you a little bit about its handling and power. The Ford Expedition is great for either families that need a little more space than normal or any driver looking for the combination of versatility and power.

2018 Ford Expedition
2018 Ford Expedition Athens
2017 Ford Expedition
2017 Ford Expedition EL
2017 Ford Expedition Platinum
2017 Ford Expedition Athens
2016 Ford Expedition
2016 Ford Expedition Atlanta
2016 Ford Expedition EL
2015 Ford Expedition

Ford Explorer

This is the perfect vehicle for any type of driver. Whether you are in need of a vehicle that is versatile, durable, easy to drive and maneuver or one that just has tons of interior space, this is the vehicle for you. The Ford Explorer is the perfect alternative to families who need the space and versatility of a minivan but want to travel in style.

2018 Ford Explorer
2018 Ford Explorer Athens
2017 Ford Explorer
2017 Ford Explorer Athens
2017 Ford Explorer Sport
2017 Ford Explorer Platinum
2016 Ford Explorer
2016 Ford Explorer Platinum
2015 Ford Explorer

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is America’s favorite pickup, and for good reason. In recent years, the F-150 has become much more efficient and powerful, but it has always been one of the most versatile, durable vehicles around. This is possibly why it has been so popular among a wide variety of drivers for so long. There are a ton of ways to customize the F-150 to make it the perfect vehicle for all of your automotive needs.

Future Ford F-150 Hybrid
2018 Ford F-150
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2016 Ford F-150 King Ranch
2016 Ford F-150 Platinum
2016 Ford F-150 Limited
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor
2015 Ford F-150
2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Ford Super Duty

If you love the idea of a pickup but just don’t think that a light-duty will suffice, Ford has the perfect solution: the Ford Super Duty pickup. There are a few different models of Super Duty trucks depending on how much cabin and bed space you need, and as well as how much you need to tow and haul, but all of the models will offer the reliability, durability and affordability as any other Ford model.

2018 Ford Super Duty
2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty
2017 Ford Super Duty
2017 Ford Super Duty Athens
2017 Ford Super Duty Diesel
2017 Ford Super Duty Platinum
2016 Ford Super Duty
2016 Ford Super Duty Athens
2016 Ford Super Duty Platinum
2015 Ford Super Duty
2015 Ford Super Duty F-250
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2015 Ford Super Duty F-450
2015 Ford F-250 vs 2015 Ram 2500

Ford Fiesta

While the Fiesta may not be the vehicle with the most legroom in the Ford lineup, it does excel in the efficiency category, which is exactly what some drivers are looking for. The Ford Fiesta is easy and fun to drive, easy to park, extremely efficient and economical and it is sporty, which makes it an appealing option to all of the expensive luxury cars out there. But just because it is more affordable doesn’t mean it is cheap or low-quality. The Fiesta is simply a great car for drivers who like to save money.

2018 Ford Fiesta
2018 Ford Fiesta Hatchback
2017 Ford Fiesta
2017 Ford Fiesta Hatchback
2017 Ford Fiesta ST
2017 Ford Fiesta Titanium
2017 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost
2016 Ford Fiesta
2016 Ford Fiesta Hatchback
2016 Ford Fiesta ST
2016 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is the perfect do-it-all car for any driver looking for an affordable vehicle without any hassles. The Focus offers superior handling, a wide array of available styles, a number of features and is quite efficient so drivers can spend less time and money fueling up. Of course, drivers who are also looking for an all-electric engine will also be happy to know that they can find that in the newer model year Ford Focus.

2018 Ford Focus
2018 Ford Focus Hatchback
2017 Ford Focus
2017 Ford Focus Hatchback
2017 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback
2017 Ford Focus ST
2017 Ford Focus RS
2017 Ford Focus Electric
2016 Ford Focus
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2016 Ford Focus ST
2016 Ford Focus Hatchback
2016 Ford Focus EcoBoost
2015 Ford Focus

Ford Fusion

The Fusion is a sporty midsize sedan that’s focus and intention is to serve drivers who want and need a sleek vehicle with responsive driving and handling, but is also safe and spacious enough for a family. But let’s be honest, the driving experience is what really hooks consumers looking for a new car!

2018 Ford Fusion
2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2018 Ford Fusion Energi
2017 Ford Fusion
2017 Ford Fusion S
2017 Ford Fusion SE
2017 Ford Fusion Sport
2017 Ford Fusion Energi
2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2016 Ford Fusion
2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2016 Ford Fusion Energi
2016 Ford Fusion Titanium
2015 Ford Fusion

Ford Mustang

It’s the Ford Mustang. Do we really need to say more? Kidding, of course. (Well, kind of.) The Mustang is one of the most legendary sports cars around and is every driver’s solution for needing a vehicle that can accelerate quickly, look cool but also offers safety and efficiency qualities you may not expect to see in such a fun car.

Future Ford Mustang Hybrid
2018 Ford Mustang
2017 Ford Mustang
2017 Ford Mustang V6
2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium
2017 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350
2017 Ford Mustang EcoBoost
2016 Ford Mustang
2016 Ford Mustang GT
2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost
2016 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350
2015 Ford Mustang

Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a family-friendly sedan that is unlike many others you will see and try mostly due to its comfortable interior, its powerful engine and its front-wheel drive. It is a solid choice for anyone looking for a no-nonsense sedan with all of the features you would hope any family vehicle would have.

2018 Ford Taurus
2017 Ford Taurus
2017 Ford Taurus SEL
2017 Ford Taurus Limited
2017 Ford Taurus SHO
2016 Ford Taurus
2016 Ford Taurus Atlanta
2015 Ford Taurus

Ford Transit

Perfect for any type of situation where you need to transport people or cargo, the Ford Transit is a popular fleet vehicle. The Transit is versatile, durable and can be configured to suite just about any type of automotive need. These are also some of the most affordable fleet vehicles around because they can utilize Ford’s EcoBoost engine.

2018 Ford Transit
2017 Ford Transit
2016 Ford Transit
2015 Ford Transit

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is slightly smaller than the Transit but is just as powerful and has a ton of cargo space, which is something many of its drivers boast about. It is a small van with available third-row seating but also can be configured to solely transport cargo.

2018 Ford Transit Connect
2017 Ford Transit Connect
2016 Ford Transit Connect
2015 Ford Transit Connect