How to Set Up Ford SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 8:14 am
Front Passenger Accessing FordPass App while on the Road

We’d love to say the thrill of the road trip never dies, but truth be told things start to seem a lot less grand after the first dozen rounds of I Spy. That’s why Ford brought us the Ford SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot. With a Ford hotspot-equipped vehicle, drivers enjoy quick data speeds with a 4G LTE connection on the AT&T nationwide wireless network. The system is also capable of supporting 10 devices at a time within a 50-foot radius. Eager to get your vehicle’s hotspot up and running? Learn how with this Ford SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot setup guide.

Ford SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot Setup Guide

Part 1: Set Up FordPass App

FordPass App on Smartphone

  1. Download the FordPass app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account or log into the FordPass app.
  3. Under the “Move” tab, select the “Add Vehicle” button.
  4. Add your vehicle’s VIN number.
    • NOTE: This can be done by either scanning the VIN barcode on the driver-side doorframe or by entering the VIN number manually. The VIN number may be found on the driver-side doorframe, on your vehicle documentation or visible through the windshield on your driver-side dashboard.
  5. Assign a vehicle nickname.
  6. Once your VIN is confirmed, tap “Finish”, then “Activate SYNC Connect”.
  7. Wait a few minutes, then start your vehicle.
  8. A request to connect the vehicle with your Ford Owner account should display on the touchscreen. Select “Allow”.

Part 2: Set Up Your Data Plan

  1. Open the FordPass app.
  2. Your vehicle should now be displayed on the app. Select “Vehicle Details” under your vehicle’s image.
  3. Select “Vehicle Hotspot”.
  4. Select the “Set Up Data Plan” button. You should be directed to the AT&T connected car page.
  5. Follow the steps provided by AT&T to activate your free trial or to sign up for a wireless data plan.

Part 3: Connect Your Devices

  1. From your SYNC 3 touchscreen, navigate to “Settings”, then select “Wi-Fi & Hotspot”, then “Vehicle Hotspot”. Verify that Wi-Fi Hotspot is turned “On”.
  2. Go back to “Settings”, then select “View Password”. This will display the name and the password of your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot.
    • NOTE: The hotspot name is listed as the “Service Set Identifier” (SSID).
  3. Use a Wi-Fi-enabled device to connect to the vehicle’s hotspot.

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