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Electric Vehicle Incentives in Georgia

Georgia EV & Hybrid Tax Credits & Rebates 

With the recent surge of stylish and riveting electric-powered vehicles on the road nowadays, there are plenty of reasons to invest in an electric vehicle. You can add possible tax credit and rebates to that list. In this article, we explore some of the cash-saving incentives available to Georgia residents who purchase a new electric or hybrid vehicle. 

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What Happened to Ford’s Sedan Lineup?

Is Ford Going to Stop Making Cars? 

If you’ve shopped for a new vehicle lately, you may have noticed new sedans are dwindling in numbers across the industry, but Ford has surprised many when it became one of the first automakers to cut a majority of its cars and hatchbacks. So, is Ford going to stop making cars? Not quite, but they will come close. Keep reading for more details on what’s to come. 

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How Much Can the Trunk of the 2020 Ford Fusion Hold?

2020 Ford Fusion Cargo Space

With the Ford Taurus now axed from the lineup, the Ford Fusion has taken over as the largest sedan available in the Ford lineup. Though deemed a midsize sedan, the 2020 Ford Fusion makes great use of its size with plenty of room for everyone and everything you want to bring on your adventures. Check out this guide for more details on the 2020 Ford Fusion cargo space and cabin dimensions, or experience this exceptional Ford favorite by test driving the Fusion for yourself at the Akins Ford dealership located just outside of Atlanta!

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Go Electric with These Hybrid 2020 Vehicles at Akins Ford

What 2020 Ford Vehicles Are Hybrid? 

As the pressure mounts on automakers for more hybrid options, the Blue Oval steps up to the challenge this model year with new hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of your favorite for SUVs. There’s never been a better time for Atlanta-area drivers to upgrade their daily driver to something with the latest advanced fuel-saving technology. To get started, check out our list of 2020 Ford vehicles with hybrid capabilities.

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Find a Fuel-Efficient Car or SUV On-Site at Akins Ford

New Fuel-Efficient Ford Vehicles that Get 30 MPG or Better near Atlanta, GA

Atlanta-area drivers looking for a new fuel-efficient vehicle can find a number of fuel-sipping options at Akins Ford, home to Atlanta’s largest Ford inventory. Keep reading for a look at some of our new fuel-efficient Ford vehicles that get 30 mpg or better near Atlanta, GA! Read the rest of this entry >>

View All 8 Exterior Color Options on the 2020 Ford Fusion

2020 Ford Fusion Exterior Color Options

Moving into 2020, Ford does some major cleanup on the Fusion color palette. The 2020 Ford Fusion removes the Rich Copper, White Gold and Blue Metalli tones found on the 2019 model, adding in a stylish Alto Blue option instead. Find which hue best fits your style with this 2020 Ford Fusion exterior color options gallery.

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What Interior Trim Material and Color Combinations Are Found on the 2019 Ford Fusion Lineup?

2019 Ford Fusion Interior Material and Color Options

The Ford Fusion never fails to draw attention with its beautifully-sculpted exterior, but there are more sights to see in the cabin of this ever-trendy Ford model. Offering a total of eight trim and color combinations across the lineup, the Fusion provides plenty of opportunity to fine-tune your sedan’s interior to your unique tastes. Read on to see each of the several 2019 Ford Fusion interior trim and color options offered. Read the rest of this entry >>

side view of a white 2019 Ford Fusion on a city street

Listing the Highlights of the 2019 Ford Fusion Lineup

2019 Ford Fusion Best Features Overview

Though Ford has begun to turn its attention more towards SUVs in recent years, the Ford Fusion serves as proof that the automaker still has quite the knack for crafting quality sedan. For 2019, the Fusion returns with a more attractive package than ever before. Keep reading to see some of the 2019 Fusion’s major highlights in this overview of the model’s best features. Read the rest of this entry >>

What Trim Levels are Offered on the 2019 Ford Fusion?

2019 Ford Fusion Trim Level Comparison 

Whether you’re looking for an upscale sedan that treads on the cutting edge or an affordable daily driver with a generous features list, the 2019 Ford Fusion has a trim level to match to fit your exact needs. Find out which Ford Fusion trim best meets your needs with this complete comparison of all 2019 Ford Fusion trim levels. Read the rest of this entry >>