Truck Month Is Here at Akins Ford, Where You’ll Will Find Big Savings on New Ford Trucks!

2023 Ford Truck Month at Akins Ford

February is Ford Truck Month, and here at Akins Ford, we are excited about the opportunities that we can offer for new and used truck buyers. Last year, we were the #1 Ford volume dealer in Georgia (and a top ranking dealer nationally) and we are currently offering serious deals and opportunities including $12,000 to $14,000 off the MSRP on most new Ford F-150s in our inventory. Celebrate 2023 Ford Truck Month at Akins Ford with us and take advantage of these opportunities!

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Check Out the Ford Trailer Brake Controller Guide for New Ford Vehicles!

Ford Trailer Brake Controller – Quick Usage Guide 

Ford vehicles carry the latest and innovative technological features and upgrades. It is how the brand likes to grow. This blog is perfect for you if you are a new Ford owner and want to learn to use the Ford Trailer Brake Controller feature. Our team at Akins Ford has found an official video for you that quickly describes the usage of the Ford Trailer Brake Controller feature.  

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2023 Ford Maverick Yellow driving on the road

What’s New for the 2023 Ford Maverick?

2023 Ford Maverick: A Buyer’s Guide!  

Although it may not seem like it, the 2023 Ford Maverick is a workhorse pickup that justifies its position next to the Ranger and the F-150 with a unique design and unexpected functionality. The front-wheel-drive, fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain is standard, but a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and all-wheel drive are also available. The Maverick can be configured to tow up to 4,000 pounds, which is more than enough payload for a weekend’s worth of home improvement goods. It has four doors, a somewhat roomy interior, and various nifty storage ideas. Join us in this blog by Akins Ford DJCR as we take a closer look at the 2023 Ford Maverick.  

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Woman driving in the snowy road during the winter

Be Prepared with a Winter Car Emergency Kit

Three Essentials for your Winter Vehicle Maintenance Kit  

Warmer-than-average temperatures are predicted for most of the United States throughout the early winter, although the North will have more precipitation. Snow doesn’t make for enjoyable driving conditions, even though it creates the atmosphere of a stunning winter wonderland. Snow and sleet can make driving safer on slick roads more challenging and limit vision.   

In bad weather, you can even end up trapped on the side of the road due to poor visibility, impassable roads, and bitterly cold temperatures. Avoid driving during severe winter weather, but be ready for a winter car emergency. To protect yourself and your automobile this winter, you will learn three essentials for your winter vehicle maintenance kit in this blog post by Akins Ford.  

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2023 Jeep Compass Gray driving on the road

Let us Introduce You to the Exciting New Trim Options of the 2023 Jeep® Compass!

Available Trim Levels of the 2023 Jeep® Compass in Winder, GA  

If you are planning to buy an SUV that has a sturdy exterior design, excellent engine performance, and unique comfort features, the 2023 Jeep® Compass is the one for you. As with all Jeep® vehicles, the 2023 Jeep® Compass is also equipped with a powerful engine that ensures a smooth driving experience even in rough terrains. However, the SUV comes in various trim levels, so you can opt for the one that best suits your requirements. Akins Ford Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram in Winder, GA, has this blog post that explores the trim options of this SUV!  

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2023 Ford Ranger towing a trailer

Is the 2024 Ford Ranger Really Worth the Wait?

Take a Closer Look at the 2024 Ford Ranger  

The Ranger returned to North American soil in 2019 thanks to Ford. It wasn’t a brand-new truck; instead, it was a modified version of an older, foreign-market model that couldn’t compete with the most recent models in the midsize pickup class. Finally, a new Ranger has made its appearance, and it appears that when it goes on sale in 2024, it will make up for a lot of the flaws of the previous generation. In the lineup of trucks offered by Ford, the Ranger will fall between the Maverick and F-150. In this blog by Akins Ford, we’ll take a closer look at the 2024 Ford Ranger.  

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2023 Ford Bronco Sport driving

How Does the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Perform?

Off-Road Capabilities of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport 

Are you a traveler, explorer, and student of the global classroom? The 2023 Ford Bronco Sport will be your wingman on all your escapades. It boasts 4×4 capability across the entire lineup, giving you the confidence to go to untraversed locales. It provides technology that helps you on the trails and interior comforts that make every journey memorable. At Akins Ford in Winder, GA, we elaborate on the off-road capabilities of the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport. 

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2023 Ford Explorer parked in a desert

Discover the Technology Features and Interior Amenities of the 2023 Ford Explorer

Interior Features of the 2023 Ford Explorer

Are you looking to purchase a capable and spacious SUV for your family adventures? Then the 2023 Ford Explorer is an ideal pick. It has a roomy three rows of seating, a sporty exterior design, and three powertrain options to haul your family on any terrain. Its interior amenities with upgraded features add convenience and comfort to your journeys so that you can explore unknown roads. It also offers various technologies to make your drives more effortless and safer. Keep reading this blog by Akins Ford DJCR in Winder, GA, and explore the interior features of the 2023 Ford Explorer.

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2023 Ford Bronco Sport in a forest

Tutorial Video of Using Advanced Trailer Technologies on Your Ford

How to Use Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ and Trailer Reverse on Ford Vehicles  

Do you want to ace using Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ and Trailer Reverse on your Ford? Here’s a quick video tutorial that can help you use these advanced trailer technologies and unlock the full potential of your vehicle. And once you’re confident enough to use these features, schedule a test drive of the model of your choice at Akins Ford in Winder, GA, and drive home in a robust Ford vehicle. You can also apply for credit pre-approval on our website and finance your favorite car without a hassle. 

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Vehicle with open hood

Where Can I Take My Vehicle for Service in Winder, GA?

Top-Quality Vehicle Service is Available at Akins Ford DJCR   

If you own a vehicle, you must get it serviced regularly to make your life easier. However, sometimes we need to pay more attention to the signs and keep our vehicle running, which messes with our vehicle’s health and performance. Therefore, you must get it serviced when the time comes to ensure no loss of money, or it does not hamper your and your passengers’ safety while driving. To help you know the benefits of vehicle service, read this blog by Akins Ford DJCR dealership in Winder, GA. Scroll down to Learn more.  

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