Which Ford models offer carbon fiber wheels?

Ford GT will offer new carbon fiber wheels

Which Ford models offer carbon fiber wheels?

Very few vehicles can match the capabilities of Ford performance sports cars. Ford is constantly pushing performance technologies forward through new developments. Carbon fiber wheels are latest new feature that will be making its way onto Ford’s lineup of performance cars. So which Ford models offer carbon fiber wheels?

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wheels

Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than any other material. The weight of each wheel is reduced by two pounds. This weight-reduction has a variety of benefits. Lighter wheels place less strain on the suspension system which improves ride and traction.

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When the wheels are made out of a lighter component, the car spends less effort moving them. This leads to an improvement in traction, steering and vehicles response. Carbon fiber wheels are also structurally stiffer than their aluminum counterparts, despite the reduced weight.

Ford Models Offering Carbon Fiber Wheels

Two Ford models currently offer carbon fiber wheels. Right now, the feature is available on both the new Ford GT and the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350. As the top two Ford performance vehicles, most features start on these two models before working their way down to the other models in the Ford lineup. Through the new GT supercar, Ford has already pioneered several groundbreaking new weight-reduction and design technologies.

Carbon fiber wheels provide several substantial benefits, so expect Ford to continue to expand their availability. It may take a little while, but it is very likely that these wheels and many of the other new features developed for the Ford GT car will start appearing on other vehicles in the company’s lineup.

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