Car Air Conditioning Repair in Winder, GA 

It can be easy to let some automotive repairs fall by the wayside, but a failing A/C? Well, not so much. Especially not when the summer heat comes creeping back, turning your vehicle into a mobile greenhouse. Even if your car’s air conditioning hasn’t completely failed you, a weak breeze when your climate is set on full-cool could indicate a leak or some other problem with the compressor. If you are in the Atlanta area and need to have your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced, bring it to the Akins Ford service team and let our professional technicians handle the repairs for you!   


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What Are Some Common Reasons for Vehicle A/C Failure? 

One common reason for a failing air conditioning system is your car is leaking refrigerant. Leaks can appear in many different places like in hoses, sealings, valves, holes in the condenser and on the back of the compressor, so it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact source. Some other common reasons you’re A/C could be blowing out hot air include a broken or blocked condenser, electrical issues, faulty cooling fans or a failing compressor. When you bring your vehicle in to the Akins service center, we’ll be able to help find the source of the problem and address it with care. 

Car Maintenance and Repair at Akins Ford! 

Our staff is trained to provide all the basic services on vehicles of all makes and models, but we can also provide more serious repairs on a full range of vehicles from the Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge lineups! If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with the Akins Service Department, you can do so online or by calling us directly at (770) 867-9137. We look forward to working with you! 

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