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Is the online price the drive out or final price?

No. The online price is the sale price. It does not include sales tax, title, and tag fees for the state where you will register your vehicle. Akins sells vehicles all over the United States, and we're happy to help you with getting you a final price. Please understand it may take additional time for us to figure out of state purchases due to the time of the day or day of the week since some state offices may not be open.

Are rebates and incentives online the same for everyone?

Not all of the time. Rebates and incentives are set by the manufacturer and may vary from region to region based on a vehicle's sales volume and days supply. We advertise rebates from the Atlanta Ford region and Chrysler Southeast region since that covers the majority of our sales. Ford and Chrysler may offer different incentives for your home address, therefore the pricing may be different.

Why are there no pictures of the vehicle I'm interested in online?

Pictures are generally only missing on pre-owned vehicles that have just been acquired. They typically take a few days, up to a week, to come online as we have a process they go through before they are ready for the lot. We take pride in the condition of our pre-owned vehicles and we want to insure they have been properly serviced and detailed before we take pictures. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to see a vehicle before pictures are complete, we can try to make arrangements on a case by case basis. Just send us a request.

How long will it take to receive my new registration?

Georgia allows 45 days for your tag and title work to be completed. You will receive a temporary drive out tag good for that time frame at completion of your paperwork. Out of state registration could take longer depending on your state's requirements such as emissions, state inspections, ad-valorem or paid property tax-fees-assessments receipts. As a result of some state's rigorous requirements, we reserve the right to deny sale to residents in a few states.

Can I handle my own title and registration?

Yes, if you purchased a pre-owned vehicle and you're registering it out of state. We will need to have immediately available certified or wired funds. We will attempt to register all in state purchases if possible. No, if you purchase any new vehicle or financed pre-owned vehicle. Lenders require the dealership provide proof of registration and lien record. The manufacturers require proof of registration matching any incentives and rebates received.

Will you accept a personal check for payment?

Yes, if you're a Georgia resident with proper ID. If you are an out of state purchaser, we will not accept personal checks for down payment or total funds required. You will need to bring a cashier's check for both a down payment and also total payment.

How much can I charge on a credit card?

We allow a maximum of $2000 to be charged on a credit card.

Can I export a new vehicle?

No. Ford and Chrysler do not allow us to sell new vehicles with intent of leaving the country. We must register all new vehicles sold to entities in the United States. Because of this, we will collect all taxes and applicable fees on all new vehicles sold to complete registration and lien record.

Do you accept trades?

Yes, we accept most trades which include cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, campers, etc. Specialty trades may take additional time for us to acquire a value. We reserve the right to not accept trades if a vehicle has no title, or if the title is branded of salvaged. We will consider each trade on a case by case basis.

Can you tell me what my trade is worth without seeing it?

Yes, we can give you an estimated appraisal, but we much prefer to see it in person. We are typically more conservative on our appraisal if we cannot see and drive your trade. For the best value, it's always best to bring it here and let us do a full, professional appraisal at no charge to you.

Can I special order a vehicle if I don't see a match online?

Yes, we can special order to your specs. In rare cases, we may not have allocation to place the order or there could be a timing constraint. We require all orders to be placed in person, Monday-Friday, so you can sign off on the spec sheet along with a price. This ensures accuracy of exactly what you're ordering. A deposit will be required at the time of order.

Is the online payment calculator 100% accurate?

The online payment calculator for each vehicle is designed to give you an estimated payment. The calculator does not include any taxes, tag, or title fees since we sell to many different states. These fees would thus increase the payment figured by the calculator. Additionally, not everyone may qualify for the default rate set by the calculator.

Can you hold a vehicle for me until I arrive at the dealership?

We make every effort to make sure a vehicle is available when you make a trip to our dealership, however, we do not hold vehicles unless a deposit is given. If you're making a long drive to visit us, we will stay in communication with you about the vehicle's availability. It's always best to make an appointment so we know you're coming and allow us an opportunity to inform you of any status change.


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