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In the Atlanta, Georgia area trucks and other off-roading vehicles are extremely popular because of the vast array of terrain and outdoor activities that are available and easily accessible. At Akins Ford Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, our mission is not only to get you into a great vehicle (for off-roading, if you’d like!), but to also make your vehicle a perfect fit for you.

An easy way to personalize your vehicle to your lifestyle is to customize it. Wild Willies, a part of Akins Ford, sells custom truck accessories in Atlanta GA.

What we do

Window tinting: Getting your windows tinted is a sure-fire way to make any vehicle cooler. It is a fairly easy and inexpensive process, and those looking to add a little mystery to their lives will love the way their vehicle looks with tinted windows.

Lights: Getting custom lights in and on your vehicle is an easy way to make your vehicle stand out. This type of fix also makes it easy to customize your vehicle to your regular outdoor activities.

Audio system: From adding in an improved audio system to upgrading the one you already have, we can make any vehicle bumping. In addition to audio systems, we can also install and configure DVD players and other entertainment devices!

And so much more!

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In order to get your vehicle just like you’d like, we would love to talk with you in person or over the phone! There are a number of ways to reach us. We can’t wait to customize your vehicle just the way you’d like!

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