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Coolant System Flush, Fill & Repair in Winder, GA 

Just like engine oil, the coolant fluid in your vehicle needs some attention from time to time. An overheating engine can cause major damage to various components and in turn, cost you a significant amount of time and money in the long run. Don’t wait until it’s too late – Akins Ford is proud to provide high-quality cooling system maintenance and repair services to meet the needs of customers in Winder, GA and the surrounding area. If we sound overly confident, it’s because our team of technicians are the best at what they do. Whether you need a quick flush and fill or need us to diagnose and treat a more serious cooling system issue, we’ll get it done with high-quality, speedy service every time. 

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How Do I Check My Vehicle’s Coolant Levels?  

Coolant is stored in a plastic overflow bottle that’s connected to the radiator. It usually has a brightly colored cap. You’ll find low and high markings posted on the side of the plastic overflow bottle – the coolant level should be between the two marks. You should bring your vehicle into the Akins Ford service center if:

  • Your engine coolant looks colorless, rusty or has floating debris.
  • Your engine coolant has a sludgy, oily surface.
  • The radiator hoses are leaking, cracked, bulgy or squishy.

Note: Do not open the cap until the engine has cooled completely, as hot coolant can spray out and cause severe burns. It's also important that you never add coolant to a hot engine to avoid the possibility of cracking your engine block. 

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance at Akins Ford

Here at Akins Ford, we host one of the largest new and pre-owned vehicle inventories in the state of Georgia. That means we know exactly what your vehicle needs be running at its very best. Ready to schedule your visit with us? Reserve a time slot using out service appointment scheduling tool, or speak with us by calling the Akins Ford service department directly at (770) 867-9137. 

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