Tire Balance and Rotation in Winder, GA 

Rotating and balancing your tires is the most efficient method of extending the life of your tires. And with a new set of wheels averaging about $80 to $150 per tire, keeping up with your vehicle’s manufacture-recommended maintenance can mean massive savings in the long run. Looking for a dependable hub for tire balancing and rotation services in the Atlanta area? You’ll find it with the team at the Akins Tire & Service Center in Winder, GA! 


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Tire Balance/Rotation FAQ from the Akins Tire & Service Center 

How often should I have my tires balanced and rotated? Most manufacturers recommend having your tires rotated and balanced about every seven thousand miles. As a good rule of thumb, most drivers defer to having their tires rotated and balanced about every other time their vehicle is due for an oil change.

How do you know when your tires need to be balanced or rotated? Even if you’re not due for your regular tire balancing/rotation, there are some warning signs that might suggest it's time to make an early appointment. You should consider scheduling an early routine service visit when (1) the front tires appear more worn than the rear tires, (2) your steering wheel vibrates or (3) you begin losing air pressure more rapidly in one tire. If you notice any of these warning signs, gives the Akins Ford Tire & Service Center team a call as soon as possible so we can get to the root of the issue.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance at Akins Ford

With our Quick Lane, you can get all your routine service and maintenance done on the spot with no appointment necessary! If you happen to have any questions, we’d be happy to help. You can contact the Akins Ford Tire & Service Center team by calling us at (770) 867-9137 or by filling out the form provided!

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