2016 Ford Expedition Winder GA

For years, the Ford Expedition has set the standard for full-size premium SUVs. The 2016 Expedition in Winder GA does not deviate from this tradition of excellence. Every detail has been accounted for, from the 365 horsepower EcoBoost engine—both mighty and efficient—to the keyless entry with push-button start system. Sitting down in the 2016 Ford Expedition feels more like relaxing in your living room than squeezing into a car. Even the third row has plenty of legroom.

The features on the 2016 Ford Expedition aren't entirely for luxury. There are plenty of additions to this SUV that are extremely practical. The 2016 Expedition's abnormally high towing capacity is one of its most noticeable features. Capable pulling up to 9,200 lbs when equipped with the Heavy-Duty Trailer Towing Package, there's almost no job too big for this SUV. Technology features like Hill Start Assist/Hill Descent Control and the standard rearview camera make the 2016 Expedition both safe and easy to drive.  



The 2016 Ford Expedition comes standard with a 365 hp 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 engine. This incredibly powerful motor can fork out 420 lb-ft of torque, while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. Such a strong combination of performance and efficiency is part of what makes the 2016 Ford Expedition a winner. 



Towing Capacity

Even for an SUV of its size, the 2016 Ford Expedition has remarkable towing capacity. The standard model can tow up to 6,600 pounds without a problem. But if that's not enough for you, the optional Heavy-Duty Trailer Towing Package ups the Expedition's towing capacity to 9,200 pounds. 



Interior Room

The 2016 Ford Expedition can seat eight people in its spacious cabin, which boasts over 160 cubic feet of passenger volume. There's so much room in the 2016 Expedition, you're never going to want to get out.


2016 Ford Expedition Interior
2016 Ford Expedition Front View
2016 Ford Expedition Cup Holder
2016 Ford Expedition in Snow

Step Into a Better SUV by Test Driving the 2016 Ford Expedition in Winder GA

The 2016 Ford Expedition in Winder GA is not your typical SUV. This vehicle exceeds all standards and expectations set forth by its competitors. An available PowerFold third row seat allows you to fold the seats into a down position with the push of a button. This system also moves the seats independently, so you can have one seat folded down if you want to put something large in back, while still accommodating two third row passengers. With both the second and third row seats folded down, the 2016 Expedition offers more cargo space than any other SUV in its class—a whopping 130.8 cubic feet. 

Whether you need a vehicle that can comfortably fit your whole family, or a mighty SUV able to carry and tow large loads, the 2016 Ford Expedition will carry you through to the end of any adventure. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about this remarkable vehicle  


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