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 Sensor troubleshooting in Winder, GA

Do you also have that one light on your dashboard that just won’t go off? You have tried fixing it multiple times, but it is still glowing brightly as the sun? If so, there is a chance that your sensor is the real culprit here. A sensor malfunction can cause a whole bunch of different problems in the vehicle ranging from disabling certain systems to interfering with other systems. It is best to fix the sensor as soon as possible, to avoid any extra damage. If you live anywhere around Winder, GA you can contact us at Akins Ford. Our team of expert technicians will be happy to help you. 


What does sensor malfunction mean?

Your car’s computer systems control almost all of your car’s functioning these days. For example, the engine operation (engine control module), powertrain operation (powertrain control module), and right down to your tire pressure. The computer uses sensors to ensure that all these systems are working properly. But if these sensors only go bad, it is difficult to have a smooth functioning vehicle. One of the most common reasons for sensor malfunction is the accumulated dust and dirt. So, it is important to keep it clean at all times.


Get your sensors checked in Winder, GA

If you live in or around Winder, GA, and are having some trouble with your vehicle’s sensors, we can help you. You can schedule a service appointment with us here at Akins Ford Service Center and our team of experts will be happy to fix it up for you. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling the Akins team at (770) 867-9137. Visit us for a hassle-free service!

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