Utilimaster Walk-in Vans in Winder, GA

Utilimaster Walk-in Van near a building

Walk-in Vans are also referred to as Step Vans. These are different in build from your regular vans. They are used across business verticals that involve the movement of goods. You can maximize your business mobility with these walk-in vans. This page will describe how your businesses can benefit from using Utilimaster Step Vans.

You can explore Utilimaster Walk-in Vans up close when you visit us at Akins Ford in Winder, GA. We have a range of walk-in vans across interior dimensions. These step vans are a must-have for businesses that require mobile solutions. Utilimaster Walk-in Vans are designed to handle numerous mobile business requirements post-customization. Read more on these step vans below.

Utilimaster Step Van Dimensions




Length 12 to 30
Height 81 or 85
Width 86.5 or 93.5

How Do Utilimaster Walk-in Vans Help Your Business?

The three primary factors for a business that involves a lot of cargo movement are space, efficiency, and mobility. Utilimaster Walk-in Vans, with their boxy design, are built to be easily maneuvered in tight spaces. This makes them perfect for the movement of goods within cities. Their interior space is roomy and easily customizable to fit the mobile business you are into.


4 Top Uses of Utilimaster Step Vans

Utilimaster Walk-In Vans can be used for businesses that need goods to be carried on the road. These vans have ample storage space, customizable interiors, and efficient engines. The following are four top business requirements where Utilimaster Step Vans can play an important role: Walk-in Vans for Food Trucks, Walk-in Vans for Delivery Services, Walk-in Vans as On-Demand Equipment Transport Solutions, and Walk-In Vans for Mobile Stores.


Test Drive Utilimaster Step Vans in Winder, GA

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