Your Ford F-150 and Daylight Saving Time Changes

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How to Change the Time on Your Ford F-150 Truck 

If you own a newer model-year Ford F-150 truck, it’s likely that your vehicle comes equipped with a feature that automatically changes your infotainment center’s clock to match the local time zone. This feature does not automatically update for Daylight Saving Time, so you’ll have to adjust your clock manually when it comes time to fall back or spring ahead an hour. Thankfully SYNC® makes changing the time on your Ford F-150 a breeze. Learn more about the Ford F-150 from the team at the Akins Ford dealership near Atlanta, Georgia’s #1 volume Ford dealer.

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How to Set the Clock in a Ford F-150 

You can access your truck’s time and date settings in three easy steps using your truck’s SYNC® touchscreen. When accessing these settings, you’ll also have the option to toggle between AM/PM or military time. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Press Settings on the SYNC® display. 
  1. Press Clock Settings
  1. Set the time using the + or – buttons. 
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How to Enable Automatic Time Zone Updates

When enabled, the Automatic Time Zone Update feature uses GPS to synchronize your F-150’s clock with the local time whenever you cross over into a different time zone. Here’s how you can activate Automatic Time Zone Updates in most newer Ford F-150 trucks: 

  1. Press Settings on the SYNC® display. 
  1. Press Clock Settings
  1. Toggle Automatic Time Zone Update on or off.