New Ford models will offer dual FM radio receivers

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Ford Escape, Ford Fusion, Technology on Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 5:05 pm
2017 Ford Fusion Noise Cancelling Technologies

2017 Ford Fusion Noise Cancelling Technologies

Ford has been working hard to ensure that their vehicles are some of the most comfortable, and quietest, on the roads. The list of 2017 Ford Fusion noise cancelling technologies will include a new feature that helps to ensure the car always can find a strong radio signal. New Ford models will now offer dual FM radio receivers.

Utilizing dual FM radio receivers helps the car provide the best signal and sound quality possible. The system is able to recognize the inputs from both sources to determine which is stronger. This helps to eliminate static other interruptions. The result is a strong and steady signal. Dual FM receivers also help in situations where two radio signals begin to overlap, ensure that you can continue to listen to your favorite music longer.

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Ford Models Offering Dual FM Receivers

Currently, the dual FM radio receiver feature is included on 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion models equipped with the upgraded Sony sound system. Several other great noise cancelling technologies are also offered on the new Fusion. The car can be equipped with acoustic laminated glass on the front doors and windshield that greatly reduces outside noise. Ford’s Active Noise Control system uses sound waves to cancel out noise from the engine and transmission. All of these great features make the 2017 Ford Fusion one of the quietest sedans currently on the market.

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