What is the difference between a coupe and a sedan?

Difference Between a Coupe and a Sedan

While shopping for a new Ford vehicle you might have come across the terms Coupe and Sedan. But do you know the exact difference between the two? If not, we are here to clarify it once and for all. What exactly is the difference between a coupe and a sedan? Read this blog by Akins Ford to find out. After you understand the difference between a coupe and sedan you can check out respective inventories here at Akins Ford in Winder, GA!

Coupe vs Sedan: What’s the difference?

There are some primary structural differences between a coupe a sedan. But modern-day vehicles are starting to blur the line between the two. We will still list out the key differences between the two here-

  1. Number of doors– The most noticeable design difference between the two is in the number of doors. Coupes generally are two-door vehicles whereas sedans have four doors.
  2. Exterior styling– If the vehicle style is more luxurious and has shorter doors and windows, it is a sedan. Coupes on the other hand have a sportier design with longer doors and rear windows.
  3. Performance– A sportier compact design means that the vehicle is lightweight and hence the performance metrics are higher. Sedans on the hand are generally bulkier and have to have additional engine and suspension upgrades.
  4. Seating Capacity and Cargo Space– Obviously, four door sedans have more cabin space and can easily seat up to people with comfort. Coupes on the other hand can only seat up to four people at max. Sedans also have more cargo capacity in comparison to coupes.

Coupe or Sedan: Which one is better?


The answer to this completely depends upon your priorities. If you have a larger family or prefer to have more cargo room in your vehicles, a Ford sedan is the right choice for you. But if you are someone who prefers lightweight sportier vehicles, you should go for a coupe.

Here at Akins Ford, we have a wide variety of coupes and sedans available for you to select from. You can go through our inventory and if you like a vehicle, you can even schedule a test drive with us here in Winder, GA! For more information, contact our team of experts. They will be happy to answer all your questions! Follow our blog for more such informative posts!

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