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When is the New Ford Mustang Hybrid Coming?

New Ford Mustang Hybrid Release Date

When electric and hybrid models were first introduced, many scoffed at their small size and lack of power. Hybrid and electric models have come a long way since those days, and they’re about to get even better if Ford has anything to say about it. That’s because Ford has big plans when it comes to new electric and hybrid vehicles, including the creation of a new Ford Mustang Hybrid. Yes, you read that correctly. Ford is working on bringing a Mustang Hybrid to the table by 2020, which means it’ll likely be a 2021 model year Mustang. But how is Ford going to pull this off? Will the new Mustang Hybrid be as impressive as the gas-powered Ford Mustang? Let’s take a closer look at everything we know so far and find out.

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How Powerful Will the New Ford Mustang Hybrid Be?

Considering its release date isn’t until 2020, not a lot is currently known about the new Ford Mustang Hybrid and its powertrain. But Ford has made promises about what it will be capable of and, as we all know firsthand, Ford has always been known for making good on its promises. When it comes to the new Mustang Hybrid, Ford has promised it will deliver all the V8 power and low-end torque you’ve come to know and love from models like the 2017 Mustang. In actuality, by 2020, it’ll probably blow the new Mustang away, especially if you take how impressive the 2018 Mustang is going to be into consideration.

“Ford’s global EV strategy is to build on our strengths. While some others seem to be focused on marketing claims and numbers, we’re focused on providing customers even more of what they love about their Ford vehicles. This means more capability for trucks, more productivity for commercial vehicles and more performance for sports cars – plus improved fuel economy.” – Raj Nair, Executive Vice President, Product Development, and Chief Technical Officer.
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