What’s the Driving Range of the All-Electric 2022 Ford E-Transit Van?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Transit, Powertrain on Friday, November 13th, 2020 at 4:46 pm
All-Electric 2022 Ford E-Transit in commercial parking area

2022 Ford E-Transit Estimated Driving Range and Charging Time

Commercial vehicles make up a large portion of traffic on U.S. roads. That’s why news of the All-Electric 2022 Ford E-Transit has become a big deal when it comes to the vision of a zero-emissions future. We’ve been sitting pretty waiting for details on the upcoming All-Electric 2022 Ford E-Transit, and today our patience has been rewarded with a look into the impressive driving range figures commercial clients have to look forward to.

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How Far Will the 2022 Ford E-Transit Go on a Full Charge?

The new All-Electric Ford Transit will deliver an estimated driving range of up to 126 miles. That figure applies to low-roof models. The All-Electric Transit will be available in a selection of eight configurations, including three roof heights and three lengths.

All-Electric 2022 Ford E-Transit on city street

The following list provides a look into the estimated driving range figures for the various wheelbase length and roof height combinations available on the 2022 Ford E-Transit Van:

  • Regular Wheelbase, Low Roof – 126 miles est. driving range
  • Long Wheelbase, Low Roof – 126 miles est. driving range
  • Long Wheelbase, Medium Roof – 116 miles est. driving range
  • Long Wheelbase, High Roof – 108 miles est. driving range
  • Extended Wheelbase, High Roof – 108 miles est. driving range

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How Long Does It Take to Charge the 2022 Ford E-Transit Van?

Armed with a 67-kWh battery pack, the All-Electric E-Transit Van can be replenished via both AC charging and DC fast charging. With the former, the 2022 Ford E-Transit Van achieves a full charge in about 12 hours – that’s about 10 miles of range per hour. When hooked up to a 115-kW DC fast charger the van can recoup at a rate of about 30 miles in just 10 minutes.

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