Need a new car for college? Check out this great student discount

By Admin | Posted in Ford on Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 4:28 pm
2015 Ford College Student Purchase Program

2015 Ford College Student Purchase Program

Students everywhere are hitting the books and settling in for a new school year of academic excellence. But it’s important when heading off on the great college adventure to have a solid set of wheels to help you out, and really nice to save a little money in the process. That’s why Ford offers the College Student Purchase program. Get a new Ford vehicle before January 4, 2016 to benefit from the 2015 Ford College Student Purchase Program.

What is Student Bonus Cash?

Current and recently graduated students are eligible for $500 bonus cash on the purchase or lease of select new Ford vehicles. By registering at students will be able to take advantage of this incentive and also get emailed offers related to other Ford incentives.

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Who qualifies for the discount?

Current students studying full or part-time ( a minimum of two classes or six credit hours) at an accredited four year university are eligible, as well as students enrolled in a junior college, community college, or trade school. Graduate school students and those who have recently graduated are also eligible.

How can I prove I qualify?

You can prove your eligibility for this program in a variety of ways. If you have recently graduated a copy of your diploma or final transcript are important. Other documents you may need are a letter of intent and proof that you are enrolled in the minimum required classes such as a current class schedule, report card, or dated letter from your school confirming that you are enrolled.

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