2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date

Ford Focus RS Takes Performance to the Next Level

Ford vehicles offer an impressive performance heritage. Vehicles like the award-winning Shelby GT350R are already on the streets, and soon other top-of-the-line performance vehicles will be arriving in the US. We mean the 2016 Ford Focus RS of course. This hot hatch promises to deliver top horsepower, breathless acceleration, and a heavy dose of style to satisfy any performance fanatic. Keep reading for the 2016 Ford Focus RS release date, and a few more performance statistics for this great new vehicle.

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2016 Ford Focus RS Release Date

2016 Ford Focus RS rear spoiler viewOriginally announced for this spring, the release date of the 2016 Ford Focus RS is closer than ever. The first all-new 2016 Focus RS has rolled off the assembly line in Germany and the first models should be arriving in the US in the next few months.

2016 Ford Focus RS Performance features

The standard 2016 Ford Focus is a respectable and well-equipped family sedan. While Ford Focus RS may be able to serve that purpose, it is also completely different. Let’s just hit the highlights, shall we?

  • Power: 350 horsepower from a 2.4-liter Ecoboost engine
  • Torque: 350 pound-feet (anticipated) available between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm
  • Zero to 62: 4.7 seconds (which gives it the fastest acceleration of any Ford RS ever)

In addition to more power, acceleration, and more awesomeness than most normal drivers would know what to do with, the 2016 Ford Focus RS will feature incredibly neat Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring. This system uses vehicle sensors to constantly send exactly the right amount of torque to every wheel to deliver the best driving experience. This includes the ability to set your Ford Focus RS to specific drive modes, which include Normal (for every day driving), Sport (for more exciting on-road handling), Track (for on the track) and Drift (which allows you to basically reenact an action movie). Check out the video below for demonstration of the various modes.


The 2016 Ford Focus RS will be just the latest of Ford Performance vehicles to hit our shores, after vehicles like the Shelby GT350 and GT359R. Future additions to this performance lineup will include the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (which has its own unique, high-performance drive modes) and the Ford GT supercar.