Stay safe this Halloween season

By Admin | Posted in Community on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 4:04 pm
2016 Trick-or-Treating Safety Advice Atlanta

2016 Trick-or-Treating Safety Advice Atlanta

The Halloween season is on its way. In order to ensure that everyone has fun as they explore the city questing for candy, here is some 2016 trick-or-treating safety advice for the Atlanta area.

Stick to familiar neighborhoods

trick or treating in AtlantaIn a larger city like Atlanta, it will not take long to fill even the largest trick-or-treating bucket. There is no need to venture out of familiar areas. Stick to neighborhoods you know are safe. If you know and can trust the people living in an a specific neighborhood, there is no need to venture out any further. Be sure to stay in well-lit areas.

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Inspect your child’s candy

When you get home, be sure to look over all of your child’s candy before letting them eat any. Throw away any pieces that look they have been opened or tampered with in any way. If you find anything suspicious, contact the proper authorities. Make note of which houses are giving out any suspicious candy.

Keep your eye on the weather

Many times halloween costumes are not designed with the weather in mind. Be sure to check the weather before venturing out. Plan ahead for any inclement weather possibilities. Your child may not like having to wear a rain jacket over their pirate costume, but they’ll like being wet even less. But a bucket full of candy at the end of the day should make everything better.

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