2024 Ford Ranger: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Model

A Sneak Peek at the 2024 Ford Ranger  

The Ford Ranger pickup truck is a well-known model in the mid-size truck segment and will receive a redesign for the 2024 model year. Taking inspiration from the larger F-150, the new Ranger will have a more daring appearance and will come in two body styles: a four-door crew cab and an extended cab model with two half-doors at the rear. The interior will look modern, including a digital gauge display, textured dashboard trim, honeycomb-patterned air vents, and several interior storage solutions. In this blog by Akins Ford in Winder, GA, we’ll take a sneak peek at the 2024 Ford Ranger. Scroll down to learn more about the vehicle.   

What Do We Know About the 2024 Ford Ranger?  

We expect the upcoming Ranger to retain the same 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine as the current model, offering standard rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. Although some markets will have access to a turbodiesel V-6 engine, North America is unlikely to receive it. There are rumors of a hybrid powertrain option, but nothing has been confirmed yet.  

The 2024 model year could see the arrival of a sought-after high-performance Raptor variant, popular in other markets. Transmission options for the new Ranger will include a six-speed manual and a 10-speed automatic, with the latter likely to be the default for US buyers.

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The new Ranger’s infotainment system will feature a large, vertically-oriented display similar to the Edge SUV. They have incorporated most of the truck’s controls and buttons for a cleaner interior design. It will also include advanced safety and driver assistance technologies, such as automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist.  

The 2024 Ford Ranger will be an exciting addition to the mid-size truck segment with its bold styling, and interior. Whether you need an off-roader or a versatile daily driver, the new Ranger will impress.  


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