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Ford Pedestrian Detection Helps Drivers See in the Dark

Ford Pedestrian Detection Updated for Safer Nighttime Driving

Driving at night ranks high on most driver’s lists of things they don’t look forward to. With limited visibility and long stretches of road without proper lighting, driving at night can be a hazardous and nerve-wracking experience, which is why the Ford pedestrian detection safety feature has been updated for safer nighttime driving. These improvements and upgrades to the pedestrian detection safety system have allowed the feature to better protect drivers at night, as it is now literally looking out for you so you no longer have to fear what lies on the road ahead.

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How the Ford Pedestrian Detection Safety Feature Has Been Updated and Improved

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Any Ford driver knows their pedestrian detection safety feature has always been one of the best safety systems on the market. And while it may be hard to believe, it’s now even better. That’s because the updated and upgraded pedestrian detection feature now works even better in the dark, warning drivers about hard-to-see pedestrians and other obstacles that tend to show up on a dark road at the last second. These updates and upgrades optimize the Ford pedestrian detection feature to allow it to better process information gathered by a radar installed in the bumper and a camera mounted on the windshield. This faster processing better alerts you to imminent collisions with pedestrians or other objects with visual and audible warnings. It even has your back if you’re unable to react in time, as it will automatically apply the brakes. This new system will first be available on the 2018 Ford F-150 and the 2018 Ford Mustang, before being rolled out to the rest of the new Ford models.

More Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

Other safety tips for nighttime driving or driving in dark conditions include using your high beams when necessary and making sure your windows, mirrors and exterior lights are clean and free of debris.

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