FordPass offers new parking feature

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Technology on Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 2:24 pm
FordPass systems and features

FordPass systems and features

Pretty much everyone understands the frustrations of big city parking. Ford has designed a new feature as part of the FordPass app to help make finding parking easy and frustration-free. The collection of FordPass systems and features will now include the ability to fine, reserve and pay for spots in parking garages.

FordPass Parking Feature Functions

FordPass displayDrivers can use the FordPass parking feature before leaving to ensure they will have a parking spot once they arrive at their destination. Simply entering the destination into the FordPass app will bring up all the supported parking lots or garages in the area. Users can then reserve parking spots and pay for them using funds from their FordPay wallet. Funds can be added using a credit or debit card.

FordPass users will no longer have to worry about frantically searching for a parking spot. The FordPass parking feature is currently available in 160 cities in the United States.

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FordPass Features

The FordPass app offers several great benefits to users. Those who own Ford vehicles, and those who don’t, will find the app extremely useful. FordPass offers access to the FordPass Marketplace, FordPass Perks, FordGuides and FordHubs. All of these systems are designed to make car ownership easier. Through FordPass, Ford owners can schedule service appointments, contact a dealership and even request roadside assistance.

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