Gallery of 2017 Ford Focus Exterior Color Choices_o

What Color Will You Choose for Your 2017 Ford Focus?

Gallery of 2017 Ford Focus Exterior Color Choices

One of the most exciting decisions you get to make when picking out a new car, truck or SUV is deciding which exterior color you’re going to choose. It’s especially exciting picking out the exterior color of your new 2017 Ford Focus, since it comes with the choice between 10 exterior colors. That’s a lot to choose from, so to help you out, we decided to put together this gallery of 2017 Ford Focus exterior color choices.

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Like we mentioned, the 2017 Ford Focus comes with the choice between 10 available exterior colors. They are Magnetic, Blue Candy, Oxford White, Kona Blue, Race Red, Shadow Black, White Platinum, Ingot Silver, Ruby Red and White Gold. But since those words don’t mean a whole lot, here are pictures of each of those color options.

2017 Ford Focus White Platinum front side exterior_o

White Platinum

2017 Ford Focus White Gold front side exterior_o

White Gold

2017 Ford Focus Shadow Black front side exterior_o

Shadow Black

2017 Ford Focus Ruby Red front side exterior_o

Ruby Red

2017 Ford Focus Oxford White front side exterior_o

Oxford White

2017 Ford Focus Race Red front side exterior_o

Race Red

2017 Ford Focus Magnetic front side exterior_o


2017 Ford Focus Kona Blue front side exterior_o

Kona Blue

2017 Ford Focus Ingot Silver front side exterior_o

Ingot Silver

2017 Ford Focus Blue Candy front side exterior_o

Blue Candy

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