How to keep your new car smelling new

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How to keep your new car smelling new

Whether you get your car brand-new off of our lot or you take a peek at our affordable used vehicle inventory, keeping your vehicle feeling new is always a necessity. No one wants that new car feeling and smell to subside because that takes all of the fun away! Keeping your vehicle in good shape also, maybe obviously, extends the life of your vehicle, which makes it a better investment.

Even if it’s just keeping up on regular routine maintenance, your vehicle will at least run like it is brand-new longer than you’d expect!

Here is our list of tips for keeping your car feeling new for longer! Do you have any tips on how to keep your car smelling new? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Keep your car feeling and smelling like new

Keep it clean

That means everything from the roof to the floor mats. Shampoo the carpets, clean the upholstery, detail the center stack and cockpit, and of course, clean out any garbage.

Keep up on routine maintenance

Part of keeping your car feeling new is making sure it runs like new. Keeping up on routine maintenance is the easiest way to keep your vehicle up-to-date and running smoothly.

Keep your tires inflated

Your tires are arguably ONE of the most important features of your vehicle, because without them it wouldn’t run. They are also the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road, so be sure to maintain them well.

Drive cautiously

Driving like a NASCAR racer when you don’t have a vehicle built for racing can do a lot of damage to your vehicle. Drive it like you have a small baby or baby animal in the back.

Make repairs quickly

Prolonging your repairs, even though you may think you’re saving a few bucks in the short run, can actually lead to much bigger problems in the long run, costing you much more money that it would have had you just gotten the issue fixed in the first place.

Clean your headlight and taillight lenses

Every other driver will see your taillights and headlights, so a way to make your vehicle look new is to keep things clean and clear, especially the headlights and taillights.

Take care of any paint chips right away
Paint can be easy to fix, which is why sometimes people don’t fix it right away. Paint chips, though, can really make your vehicle look older than it is, and who wants that?