Ford Remote Tailgate Release Instructions

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, Technology, Video on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 7:32 pm
2020 Ford F-150 rear tailgate

How to Use Remote Tailgate Release on Your Ford Truck

When you browse our selection of Ford trucks at Akins Ford, you may notice a nifty Remote Tailgate Release function on select models. Remote Tailgate Release is a convinient feature which allows you to lock, unlock and lower your vehicle’s tailgate using your key fob.  Join us for some quick instructions on how to use the Remote Tailgate Release feature on your Ford truck.

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How to Use Remote Tailgate Release

STEP 1: Hold your key fob within 3 feet of the rear of your vehicle.

STEP 2: Press the Tailgate Release button once. This will unlock the tailgate.

STEP 3: Press the Tailgate Release button two times to lower the tailgate.

Note: You will need to manually lift the tailgate to close it. To lock the tailgate, just press the LOCK button on your key fob.