2015 Ford Mustang Moments commercial

The Mustang Moments commercials might just make you tear up a little

Mustang moments commercial 2015

Making lives better is exactly what Ford aims to do, and with its array of community service projects and its lineup of reliable, affordable, efficient vehicles, we would say that it is right on its way to becoming one of the most influential companies in consumers lives.

We happened upon a series of commercials on YouTube just recently that shows drivers in a Mustang being told that they were being given the opportunity to fulfill their dream- whatever that may be- with the help of Ford. There are a few different versions of this commercial that you can take a look at, if you really want all of the feels. There are a ton of ways to engage consumers these days but the best one in our opinion is by being honest and real with them.

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These commercials are a way to bring not only Mustang fans together, but anyone who has the desire to do something they are passionate about. The first version we saw is about a man who had a good, reliable job, but felt like something was missing. He always wanted to be a voiceover artist, but never really had any connections or ins.

Well, while having a conversation in the Ford Mustang with the creator of the Mustang Moments project, the man learns that he will be given the opportunity to show off his skills to a real voiceover artist and get feedback.

What we love is his expression when he learns that he will be given this incredible opportunity. You can tell that he is really trying to hold back emotions and you can tell that this is really, truly something he is passionate about.

It begs us to ask the question, what would you do if you were told you could live out your dream.What would that be? We would LOVE to hear in the comments below!

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