How Safe is the 2022 Ford Edge

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Edge on Friday, January 28th, 2022 at 4:34 am
A red all-new 2022 Ford Edge on a high altitude road

Upgraded Safety Features of the 2022 Ford Edge 

Multiple interior, exterior, and performance upgrades are being offered with the all-new Ford Edge. By marking its return to the mid-size SUV segment, Ford reinforces its overpowering presence in the affordable category of cars. Following the reveal of the 2022 lineup, details of the safety and technology systems of all the upcoming vehicles were also published. Arguably, once the release date of the latest edition was announced, the highest number of searches was about the upgraded safety features of the 2022 Ford Edge. It comes as no surprise that the buyers are keen on learning about the protective technologies used on the vehicle. A glaring emphasis on these aspects of driving has been on the rise for obvious reasons. Residents of Winder, GA can now get a glimpse of the 2022 Edge at Akins Ford’s website. You can also head to their address to have a tangible tour of a wide selection of cars. 

Blind Spot Information System 

Changing lanes can be a hassle when the traffic gets terribly crammed with long lines of disorganized vehicles. BLIS® alerts the driver about approaching vehicles from the blind spot. Detection of cars and obstacles behind your Edge is made swifter and more accurate with the update.  

Sleek interior of the 2022 Ford Edge equipped with safety technologies
The mode-changer for safer driving on the 2022 Ford Edge

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Pre-Collision Assist 

Offered with Automatic Emergency Braking, the Pre-Collision Assist alerts the driver after scanning the road. Potential collisions are detected in your Edge’s way to automatically apply brakes when necessary. 

Adaptive Cruise Control 

The Stop-and-Go feature combined with the Adaptive Cruise Control, which helps slow your vehicle when the adjacent cars come to a sudden halt. Furthermore, the lane centering integration with the safety technologies enable your vehicle to stay in lane.  

Get the Safest Rides in Winder, GA 

Besides these three major safety features, the 2022 Ford Edge includes several other excellent updates. Grab the most exciting deals on Edge and other Ford sedans and SUVs at Akins Ford. Also, schedule a test drive on a vehicle of your choice today!