Advantages of Buying a New Ford Vehicle at Akins Ford

What Are Ford Vehicles Known For?

Most of us know Ford as the company that revolutionized the world of manufacturing with the creation of the assembly line. Or maybe you think of Ford as the first automaker to design a vehicle suitable for the everyday consumer. There are endless stories highlighting the rich heritage of Ford as a brand, but what are Ford vehicles known for? Keep reading to explore the advantages you get when you shop Ford.

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2020 Ford® Mustang Shelby GT500 on race track

Performance Engineering 

Across the board, Ford vehicles tend to overpower popular mainstream rivals. But if you’re looking for something truly awe-inspiring, Ford has that too. The Ford Performance team is responsible for crafting some of the finest performance cars in the world. Plus, you don’t need to invest in a sports car to benefit from exceptional Ford Performance engineering. Several more mainstream Ford vehicles feature their own sports-tuned trim levels so you can leverage the athletic driving manners you love without the price tag. 

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E in Rapid Red

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles 

One of the industry’s most prominent leaders in the field of affordable electric vehicles, Ford offers a large and growing selection of hybrid and EV variants across its lineup. If you’re looking to make the jump into the world of electric-powered vehicles, you’ve come at a great time. The release of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E now signals the start of an exciting new era where the automaker plans to make virtually every Ford product offered with some form of electrified option, each tuned to the specific needs of that vehicle’s buyers. 

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Ford EcoBoost engine

EcoBoost Technology

The award-winning Ford EcoBoost engine represents a major milestone in automotive engineering. This clever innovation came into fruition when Ford set its best and brightest on a mission to create a powerplant that increased fuel economy without hampering horsepower. The result? A turbocharged, direct-injected engine that absolutely succeeds in getting the best of both worlds – all at a low cost to buyers. The EcoBoost series made its debut on the 2011 Ford Focus, but today it can be found standard on various models across the lineup, making Ford an attractive option for drivers who seek a precise balance of performance and efficiency.

Ford SYNC®3 with AppLink® display

Infotainment Technology

Back in the days of LED screens and button controls, just about the only multimedia concern for buyers was whether a CD player would be included. But over time the central display has become an integral part of automotive technology. Ford’s third-generation SYNC 3 system continues to earn high marks for its intuitive controls, responsive design and seamless smartphone integration powered by Apple Car Play and Android Auto. AppLink® even lets you interact with some of your favorite mobile apps right from your vehicle’s display. All of this is available on a vast and growing range of Ford vehicles.