What are the best tailgating vehicles?

By Admin | Posted in Ford, Ford Super Duty, Just for fun on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 3:21 pm
What are the best tailgating vehicles?

Tailgating season is upon us, and it’s the time of year where, whether you are heading to a local UGA Ice Dogs game or going farther afield, it’s the season to start deciding what vehicle you should take and how to equip it for the best pregame experience possible. We at Akins have a few suggestions on what are the best tailgating vehicles for all your pre-game fun.

First of all, we like trucks. Trucks offer the versatility to accommodate both people and luggage and give you a little insurance against the weather. Here are a few more things to think about related to your tailgating experience.Close up shot of a football

Enough space for people

Cabin configuration is a major first step to finding the perfect tailgating truck, as the whole point of tailgating is to bring your friends and have fun. So, we think that whether you choose a 2015 Ford F-150 or a 2015 Ram 1500, going with the Crew Cab configuration with room for up to six people is the way to go. That means more space for you and your friends.

Plenty of room in the back

Bed length is another major question when looking for the best tailgating truck. You’re going to want coolers, plates and napkins, food, chairs and maybe even a grill back there so it’s important to have space. But, you also want to be sure that you can fit into whatever parking spaces are available. That’s the same reason why we recommend sticking with a regular duty truck. Unless of course you’re the one towing the party bus, in which case you should definitely check out the heavy duty 2015 Ram 2500 or the 2015 Ford Super Duty F-250.

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Bells and whistles…or at least a radio

It would be a shame to camp out for the game and miss the pre-game excitement and commentary, so you want a truck with a good radio. Features like electricity plugs also aren’t available on every trim level, but wouldn’t it be neat to bring a TV to the game, and then even the unfortunate souls who couldn’t get tickets would be able to enjoy the game with the sound of the crowd cheering in their ears.

Last of all, but worth being said, whenever you are tailgating with your truck if there’s alcohol involved be sure to have a designated driver. You wouldn’t want to mess up your perfect tailgating vehicle now that you have it!