Conquer Georgia Off-Roading with New Lifted Trucks at Akins Ford

Where Can I Find New Lifted Trucks for Sale in Atlanta, GA? 

Between the ridges and valleys of the northwest, Blue Ridge Mountain peaks in the northeast, and low Coastal Plain of the south, Georgia offers a vast untamed landscape that’s ripe for off-road enthusiasts. So it’s no wonder that drivers in northwestern Georgia love their lift kits. If you’re looking for a dependable hub for new lifted trucks in Atlanta, GA, you can find it here in our massive selection of new vehicles at Akins Ford.

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What Are the Advantages of Owning a Lifted Truck?  

We love our Jeep Gladiators and Ford F-150s, but there’s nothing more awe-inspiring than a lifted truck from a capable brand. And a good lift offers plenty of practical advantages as well. Lifted trucks reward owners with higher ground clearance, raising the frame up through the suspension so that you can glide over off-road obstacles like rogue logs and jagged bedrock. When properly executed, lifted trucks can also demonstrate improved handling by raising the center of gravity. And when it comes to expert installation, you can trust that our trucks are in their prime because Wild Willies is one of the region’s most trusted sources for custom truck accessories and services—and the shop is located right here on the Akins Ford lot.  

Custom Truck Accessories in Atlanta, GA 

The capabilities of the team at Wild Willies Custom Accessories don’t stop at truck lifting. We’re the Atlanta community’s trusted hub for all your automotive enhancement desires. Have you ever seen a lifted camo limousine? Just consider us your own personal team of grease-covered fairy godmothers. The Wild Willies crew can also get you set up with leveling kits, step bars, wheels and tires, brush guards and winches, roll bars, light kits, audio and other electronic upgrades, window tinting, leather upholstery, and so much more. We invite you to visit our Wild Willies Custom Accessories page to learn more.