Georgia Emissions Testing: Counties, Testing Stations and More

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Does Atlanta, GA Require Emissions Testing? 

Depending on where you live, local regulations may require that you have your vehicle inspected regularly, but what does that mean for drivers here in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area? The state of Georgia does require emissions testing, but only for residents in 13 of its 153 counties. Keep reading for details on what counties are included in that list, how often you’ll need to get your vehicle tested, where to go and more. 

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Which counties in Georgia require emissions tests? 

Vehicle emissions testing is required within 13 specified counties in Georgia in order for motorists to obtain a state vehicle registration or registration renewal. The 13 counties that require emissions testing in Georgia include: 

  • Cherokee County 
  • Clayton County 
  • Cobb County 
  • Coweta County 
  • DeKalb County 
  • Douglas County 
  • Fayette County 
  • Forsyth County 
  • Fulton County 
  • Gwinnett County 
  • Henry County 
  • Paulding County 
  • Rockdale County 
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Vehicles from the three most recent model years are exempt from emissions testing. Vehicles that are 25 model years or older are also exempt. (e.g. For 2020 vehicle registration, emissions testing is required for 1996 – 2017 model year gasoline-powered cars or light-duty trucks that are registered in one of the 13 specified counties). Electric- and diesel-powered vehicles do not require emissions testing for registration, but hybrid vehicles do. 

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How often does Georgia require emissions tests? 

If you live in one of the specified counties and own a vehicle that is not considered exempt, you are required to have your vehicle inspected prior to your registration’s expiration date every year. It’s recommended you have the test done four to six weeks prior to the registration renewal date to allow time for any needed repairs and retests. 

How much does an emissions test cost? 

An emissions test in the state of Georgia costs up to $25.00. 

Where can I find an authorized Tennessee emissions inspection station? 

State residents can visit the Georgia Clean Air Force website to search for authorized emissions inspections stations in their area. You can have your vehicle inspected at any authorized testing station regardless of where your vehicle is registered. 

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