2023 Ford Escape parked near a house

Where Can I Test Drive the New 2023 Ford Escape near Atlanta, GA?

Purchase the 2023 Ford Escape near Atlanta, GA 

Akins Ford in Atlanta, GA, proudly carries the new 2023 Ford Escape in its inventory. This SUV reflects innovation and versatility across its multiple trim levels. Ford enthusiasts can test drive the 2023 Escape and enjoy a driving experience that harmonizes remarkable performance, captivating design, and unparalleled capability. 

Learn more about the 2023 Ford Escape below. 

Innovation Redefined: A Close Look at the Design and Performance of the 2023 Ford Escape 

The 2023 Ford Escape is available in multiple trim levels, each with outstanding performance, design, and capability balance.  

Performance Prowess 

The performance of the 2023 Escape is remarkable on and off the road. Its engine lineup reflects the brand’s commitment to providing drivers a dynamic and efficient driving experience. The SUV’s performance delivers a harmonious blend of power and fuel efficiency from city streets to winding country roads. 

2023 Ford Escape cargo bay

Design Elegance 

The exterior of the 2023 Escape is a canvas of sophistication and purposeful design. With sleek lines and a sculpted profile, the Escape exudes a contemporary aesthetic that catches the eye. Step inside, and the cabin welcomes you with a fusion of comfort and innovation, creating an environment that complements the modern driver’s lifestyle. 

Versatile Capability 

Designed for the modern explorer, the 2023 Escape has versatile capabilities that transcend traditional boundaries. Whether navigating urban landscapes or venturing off the beaten path, the SUV’s power shines through. Intelligent features ensure a smooth and controlled ride, fostering confidence in any driving scenario. 

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Explore New Ford Escape SUVs in Atlanta, GA 

Akins Ford invites drivers to test-drive the 2023 Escape. This isn’t just a drive; it’s a transformative experience where you can feel the pulse of the SUV’s performance, appreciate its design nuances, and witness its capability firsthand.