Why won’t my Ford Mustang start?

It’s happened to all of us: It’s Monday, you’re running late for work, you spilled your coffee and now your car won’t start. “Why won’t my Ford Mustang start?” you scream to the world.

Unfortunately, as you will quickly discover, screaming, kicking and stomping won’t make your vehicle start, but that still leaves you wondering why?!

There are a number of reasons your vehicle won’t start, and whether this is fortunate or unfortunate is up to you, for the service experts at Akins Ford, it just gives us a challenge. We’re not saying that you will always have to bring it into a service center if your car doesn’t start, but we’re here to help, which is why we wanted to give you some inside information as to why your car won’t start.

Dead battery

This is the most common reason your vehicle won’t start, and unfortunately it is not out of the ordinary for this to also be the answer to that pesky question we asked before of “Why won’t my Ford Mustang start?”

First, check all of the battery terminals to make sure all plugs are intact and attached clear of debris. If you do see loose fuses or a corroded battery terminal, re-plug and clean off the terminals and try again.

Bad ignition switch

If your battery is fine but your starter is still silent and the vehicle won’t even click, it could be a bad ignition switch. If the warning lights on your dashboard won’t light up and your battery is clean and the connections are fine, it is likely the ignition switch. A quick test to do this is when you start the car, check if the dashboard lights dim a significant amount or turn off completely. If they do, your ignition switch is OK.

Bad starter connection

A bad starter connection can be caused by corrosion, similar to the battery. In fact, if the battery is corroded if can affect the electrical equipment, such as the starter.

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