Ford Super Duty Torture Testing Videos

See First-Hand What Makes a Super Duty Ford Tough

Have you every wondered what kind of stress goes into truck like the 2016 Ford Super Duty? These trucks can handle massive trailering and truckbed loads, and carry them over any terrain. They are put through some serious torture tests to make sure that they (and the new military-grade aluminum siding coming out on 2017 Super Duty models) deliver on the Built Ford Tough promise. Now Ford customers (and prospective customers) can experience first-hand what goes into making a Super Duty the most popular commercial truck in multiple industries, thanks to a serious of First We Own Work videos coming out next month.

Ford Super Duty Torture Testing Videos

Ford Super Duty trucks dominate commercial vehicles in multiple categories. Over half of electric, gas and sanitation workers use Super Duty trucks, as well as 50 percent of forestry and oil and gas extraction workers and more than 40 percent of heavy construction and manufacturing workers. They are simply some of the best heavy duty trucks on the market.

New 2017 Ford Super Duty campaign We Own Work
Man looking at a Ford Super Duty aluminum side door

For these Ford Super Duty torture testing videos, Ford has invited Super Duty owners in each of the above industries to get up close and personal with Ford testing.

“We’re taking these customers behind the scenes to witness what goes into development and testing of the new Super Duty,” said Craig Schmatz, Ford F-Series Super Duty chief engineer. “Every day these customers work hard and rely on our trucks. They know better than anyone what it takes to get the job done and how Super Duty can make that happen.”

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Each video in the six-part series will show the capability, power, and reliability of these trucks. If these trucks can handle the abuse of these rounds of testing, it will be able to handle anything that its costumers throw at it. Check out the video below for a preview, and keep an eye on the Akins Ford blog for more information as it appears.