What car do Mulder and Scully drive in the new X-files?

A New Year of X-Files and a New Year of Ford Transportation

What car do Mulder and Scully drive in the new X-files?

When the new X-Files miniseries hit the airwaves last weekend on Fox, you were probably more interested on the unfolding conspiracies and the unexplainable weird than transportation, but here at Akins Ford we are very exited about the featured vehicles. So what car do Mulder and Scully drive in the new X-Files? You guessed it! They drive a Ford.

Ford Vehicles in the X-Files

Of course not just any old Ford (though any new Ford vehicle promises top technology and great can-do ability). No, FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully drive a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. This top-of-the-line SUV brings excellent power to the road at a reasonable price, and the addition of the elite Platinum trim means that this seven-passenger beast comes equipped with some of the best technology and connectivity features on the market.

Mulder and Scully on a case with the 2016 Ford Explorer in the background

“Pairing the vehicle that set the bar for SUVs with the show that set the standard for sci-fi television is a great relationship,” said Ginger Kasanic, Ford marketing manager, SUVs and technology in a recent Ford press release. “To be a part of an iconic television show that is so technology-centric is a perfect fit for Explorer – a vehicle loaded with driver-assist technology.”

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The partnership of Ford with the X-Files dates back to the original season in 1993 when Mulder drove a Ford Taurus. We doubt that that original had many of the great features available on Platinum Ford vehicles today. The Ford Taurus (though likely not the original vehicle) will appear again in the new X-Files miniseries, along with a Ford Escape and a Ford Mustang at some point in the six-episode series.

Researching the wild and weird in the new X-Files with a Ford Explorer