Ford SUVs at SEMA 2015

Ford SUVs at SEMA 2015

Held annually in Las Vegas, the SEMA Show is the top trade event in the world to showcase specialty automotive products from elite accessory options to fully restyled versions of your favorite vehicles. This November, several high-quality Ford Edge SUVs will grace the display at SEMA and show the sort of customizable option that are possible when top companies put their mind and the heart into it. We think they’re pretty darned cool.

2015 Ford Edge Tjin Edition

The bright blue 2015 Ford Edge Sport from Tjin Edition will feature an advanced air suspension and performance tweaks that make this already fantastic vehicle into a street performance masterpiece. Modifications on the Tjin Edition 2015 Edge include a unique front mount intercooler, Magnaflow exhaust, Air Lift air suspension and air management, and 22-inch, 3-piece wheels with specialty brakes and compressors.

2015 Ford Edge Tjin Edition

Wild Willies Custom Accessories

2015 Ford Edge Ignition

This offering from Webasto offers a high-performance (and fun-intensive) variation on the 2015 Ford Edge Sport that handles almost like a Mustang and delivers on premium luxury. The major modifications to the 2015 Ford Ignition focus on the powertrain, where specialty parts like an engine pre-heater, boost controller, throttle enhancer, axle-back exhaust, flow air filter and carbon fiber engine and radiator covers contribute to premium handling and performance.

2015 Ford Edge Ignition from Webasto

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2015 Ford Edge Vaccar

This concept car is all about comfort, power and fashion. From the bold orange and white exterior to serious alterations to the chassis and under the hood. Essential modifications include a Vaccar prototypes for a new air suspension conversion kit, rear strut bar, true-dual exhaust system, and twin tube intake kit, as well as a center-dash triple gauge pod to spice up the interior. We can’t wait to see how this baby handles.

2015 Ford Edge Vaccar edition

Several other modified Ford SUV Explorers will also make a splash at SEMA. They include:

All Star Performance SEMA 2015 Ford Explorer

MAD Industries 2015 Ford Explorer Sport for SEMA

Goodguys 2015 Ford Explorer Sport for SEMA

All Star Performance Explorer Sport 2015

Looking for the perfect road-tripping Ford SUV? Then this offering from All Star Performance may be your bet.

MAD Industries Explorer Sport

With fashionable wheels and an opulent and luxurious leather interior, this MAD Industries Explorer offers comfort and elegance no matter the environment.

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Ford Explorer

Want a vehicle that screams for attention and then lives up to the hype? We think that this bright yellow Ford Explorer beauty is just what you want on your wishlist.

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