What is Mopar bringing to SEMA 2015?

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What is Mopar bringing to SEMA 2015?

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in early November is the premier place to check out custom truck and SUV accessories that don’t yet exist anywhere else. We’ve already had a post about the SUVs that Ford is bringing to SEMA, but Mopar, the service, parts, and customer-care branch for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles has been a little more secretive. We don’t know much, but what we do we have for you in this post.

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Chrysler 300 at SEMA 2015

Dodge Challenger at SEMA 2015

Ram 1500 at SEMA 2015

Chrysler at SEMA 2105

Just the front piece of this beautiful blue Chryler 300 is visible, but we are already intrigued by the emphasis on the contrast of light and shadow, especially the intensity of the headbeams. And, of course, we’re intrigued  by the possibilities of the rest of the vehicle.

Dodge at SEMA 2015

The Dodge concept teased by Mopar for the Sema Show is a Dodge Challenger in stylish grey with vivid orange trim. While a Challenger is exciting in its own right, some folks have pointed out that this model may be available with all-wheel drive, which would offer this performance masterpiece even more traction on the road or the track.

Ram at SEMA 2015

Nothing quite screams determination and can-do ability than a 1500 Ram, and the off-road designed Rebel trim, new to the 2016 model year, is enough to make us even more excited. Combine that with Mopar custom accessories, and this concept at SEMA should be able to rock the trails (and our minds).

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Mopar has also teased a Fiat 500X concept (pictured at the top). These vehicles will be just a few of almost 20 vehicles that Mopar will be unveiling at the SEMA show. Taken together, these vehicles represent hundreds of Mopar parts and accessories, as well as brilliant minds working together to produce the most cutting edge new automotive options. We’ll be excited to see what features introduced in these concepts eventually make their way into the cars on the Akins lot.